“What is Shakeology?”

So a lot of people ask me, “what IS Shakeology?” “Why would I consider Shakeology for my jaw surgery?” “How can something that expensive be so worth it?”


I am a testament to the fact that Shakeology helped me recover from my jaw surgery marvelously:


AmandaPlazek.com 1 yr anniv jaw surgery_2-19-15








But just like Lavar Burton said on Reading Rainbow… “Don’t take my word for it!”

Here are two (of many, many) reviews from doctors on why Shakeology is great, and then my personal story of why I chose Shakeology for my double jaw surgery recovery (and still drink it to this day).

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  1. Artificial Heart Co-Creator Recommends Shakeology (40 seconds in discusses the benefits of Shakeology for those recovering from surgery):


2) How Shakeology at $4 a day can change the quality of your life:


3) ….and ME! 🙂 Sharing my journey 2 years post op (fast forward to 4:08 if you want to hear about why I chose Shakeology for my recovery):