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The Cost of Jaw Surgery in the United States

Today I’m going to share my experience when it comes to the cost of jaw surgery in the United States, but before I do, allow me to introduce myself! So as many of you know, I got jaw surgery in February 2014. When I was in the midst of the jaw surgery planning process, I didn’t find as much support as I would have hoped. In fact, any documentation from jaw surgery were graphic, horrifying pictures of people post-op! It was enough to scare me out of the process entirely. As a result, I’ve worked to pay it forward and help as many people ever since. With my jaw surgery support group, The Smile Diaries (click here to apply), and my YouTube channel (click here to subscribe), I want to keep helping as many people as I can!


Let’s address the topic of the day. When it comes to documenting my jaw surgery journey, I get asked constantly: “What is the cost of jaw surgery”? “How much did your jaw surgery cost?”


The honest answer to this is…”I can’t tell you how much your surgery will cost!” Technology and methodology is completely different across the world. The cost of jaw surgery depends on too many factors for me to tell you how much yours will cost. But I’ve found that the cost of jaw surgery in the United States can be estimated depending on some crucial questions to your health insurance provider. And so, without further ado, I give you my most recent jaw surgery YouTube video.


In this vide I address things like:

  • Things to ask your oral surgeon
  • Things to ask your health insurance provider
  • Budgeting options for your jaw surgery
  • Is your oral surgeon in-network or out-of-network?

and more. I hope this helps! Watch and enjoy:



Do you want more videos like this? Then click here and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Do you have questions about the cost of jaw surgery? Reach out to your oral surgeon and healthcare provider! They will help you best. Good luck!


How to Pick your Oral Surgeon for Jaw Surgery

Today I’m going to talk about jaw surgery prep from the beginning: picking your oral surgeon.

How do you pick the best oral surgeon for you? Shop around!  If you have the ability, ask your orthodontist for recommendations of an oral surgeon.

I consulted with 3 different oral surgeons when I was getting ready for my surgery. I came in with a list of questions that I wanted to ask them, like:

-“How long will I be in the hospital?”
-“What will my recovery time be like?”
-“How long would my surgery be with you?”
-“Would I be wired or banded shut afterwards?”
-“Would your services be covered in my network of health insurance?”
-“How long have you been doing surgeries like mine?”
-“Is there anything else I should know?”

These simple questions revealed a LOT about each surgeon.

1. My first surgeon was new at doing jaw surgery, but trained underneath the guy I ended up choosing. I just couldn’t shake his lack of deep experience.

2. The second guy had been doing this for a very long time….but his philosophy seemed very antiquated. He wanted me to give 1-2 pints of blood the week before the surgery “just in case I had a lot of blood loss” (????). He also said my surgery would be 6 1/2 hours long. “That’s longer than my dad’s kidney transplant!” I responded. I just didn’t get a good vibe with him.

3. The oral surgeon I chose was in-network, and the surgeon my orthodontist recommended. He was a little cocky, but in a good way: “Look,” he said, “I do this surgery multiple times every week. I have an even worse case to do than yours this Thursday. If you were to go with me, I can tell you that everything will be fine.” (This guy’s the oral surgeon that fixes the jaws of our NHL hockey team when they get busted during a game!)

Phew! That’s the first time I’ve ever shared my experience on how I chose my oral surgeon for my jaw surgery!

I plan to make a video about this soon, but in the meantime, I hope this helps!

To those of you who are already knee-deep in oral surgery prep: How did you pick your oral surgeon for jaw surgery? Did you even have a choice?


I hope to hear from you!

3 Things to Consider Before Getting Adult Braces or Jaw Surgery

Hi there! If you came across my blog because you’re considering getting adult braces or jaw surgery, then congratulations! I hope this information helps you!


When I considered starting my jaw surgery journey a few years back, I didn’t know where to start. I only found graphic, disturbing videos on YouTube, and it almost talked me out of getting the surgery. It’s been my mission ever since to help other people find honest, clear-cut (non-graphic) support when it comes to deciding if adult braces and/or jaw surgery is right for them.


Here is a video I recently made about the 3 things you should consider before getting adult braces or jaw surgery. Check it out below:



What are some of the questions you have about adult braces or your jaw surgery journey? For more medical questions, contact your orthodontist or oral surgeon. If you want help/advice on what to eat pre- and post-op, or why I chose to get my jaw surgery done, contact me and we’ll talk!


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My Adult Braces Jaw Surgery Story

A lot of traffic for my blog comes from those of you who are considering getting jaw surgery. To you I say: “hello! Welcome!” 🙂


Getting jaw surgery was one of the scariest decisions I had to make. But if I had to do it again, I really would. In this video I lay out:

  • How many times I actually had braces
  • Why I needed jaw surgery
  • What made me decide to do jaw surgery
  • How long the process took, overall

I hope it helps you! Check it out here:


Are you considering getting jaw surgery done? Or are you just considering getting adult braces? Apply to our jaw surgery/adult braces support group on Facebook! 

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Stay Tuned…..for a jaw surgery e-book!

So this morning I’ve been working on an idea that (I hope) will help a lot of people….and that’s a jaw surgery e-book!!

Lately I’ve been getting at LEAST one request a day for guidance when it comes to their jaw surgery….while I’m not an oral surgeon (and I never claim to be!), I know how lonely it can feel during the jaw surgery process. It’s so nice to know someone who’s considering getting a surgery that, essentially, changes your face!

[People think that it’s a cosmetic surgery, but 99.9% of the time it’s very health-related (chronic pain, TMJ, headaches, etc.).]

Anyways, I’m looking through my pictures for the e-book and while I can’t spill the beans on too much right now, I’ll share a side-by-side that I put together. Crazy, right?
Now I hope I can continue to be a voice of support for others across the country who are considering doing the same.

Stay tuned!

[for my jaw surgery story, click here:

for my 2 year post-op reflections:

AmandaPlazek.com jaw surgery side by side

Happy Anniversary to ME!

It was on October 1, 2012, that I decided to create my “day 1”. I remember thinking, “everyone who is fit and in shape all had their ‘Day 1’. Today is going to be mine.”

I went to the gym and decided to make a goal of running one mile by Christmas. In the span of a month, I ran two without stopping. I crushed my goal and ran 3.1 miles two days before Christmas and haven’t looked back since.

Since that wonderful October day, I have taken a new path in life.

I opened my own business and help women all across the country learn how to eat better and set long-term goals for their health.

I work every morning to make an impact in their lives.

I still exercise regularly (and plan to start P90X3 today!).

I am terrified to announce that the fiancé and I will be training for the half marathon, which is two weeks before our wedding (did I just post that??).

I still love potato chips just as much as I did when I started two years ago.

I have mustered up the courage to get my braces on, have double jaw surgery, come through it with flying colors (thanks, Shakeology!), and have an awesome smile to prove it.

I am planning a wedding to this guy I love. I think he’s pretty cool.

I get to dream again. I get to envision where our future house will be, and actually know how we will pay for it.

I am blessed with a clear-cut vision for my team of coaches who want to create a legacy by helping to end the trend of obesity in the United States.

And it was all because I wanted to run one mile.

Drumroll please….my life without braces

You have no idea how incredible I feel writing this blog post. I never thought this day would come, but alas, it has! I am thrilled to introduce to you… my new smile.


Ta da!

Photo on 9-24-14 at 1.50 PM Photo on 9-24-14 at 3.42 PM


After just about 17 months of braces and double jaw surgery, I am more than thrilled with my beautiful new smile. People have said to me, “but you looked beautiful before!”. Unfortunately, they’ve missed the point. I didn’t do this to “become beautiful”. I did this to fix my jaw. To fix the TMJ issues I was already having: jaw pain, chronic headaches…the list goes on. Seeing my straight teeth and correct bite are the perks, but not the reason!



My jaw surgery journey, in pictures

My jaw surgery journey, in pictures


The journey has been blessed with support and love from my friends and family. My fiancé hasn’t left my side since I left the operating room in February. He became my warrior, my rock and my light, fighting to make me comfortable as I healed. I’m so grateful for him and my family who supported me and saw the reason for the journey.

I was also blessed with the God-given knowledge to drink Shakeology for nutrition during my post-operative recovery. Goodness, it was worth every penny. I didn’t realize how good I had it until after I was done with surgery, having zero bruising (which is pretty much a given in jaw surgery) and incredibly minimal swelling.

I’ve also realized, even more, how critical the management of our own health really is. If we don’t take initiative for our own future, we will become vulnerable to losing grip on our health. We need to do things for our future that scare us. We need to nourish ourselves and give our bodies the best chance possible to live long, healthy, loving lives with our family.



Would I do it again? Yes. Absolutely yes. THANK YOU to all who followed my journey and supported me throughout the entire process! I couldn’t have done it without you.



Watch my reactions and reflections in video form here:



The Top 5 Things you Need for Jaw Surgery

Recently I made a video documenting the top 5 items I think everyone should have for their jaw surgery recovery. Since some of my followers are future jaw surgery patients, I think it will be good to post it here as well! I wish I had found a video like this before my surgery amongst the grotesque post-op videos that scarred me enough to consider canceling my surgery. For that reason, I hope it helps someone along the way.

For more information on the products I discuss in this video, feel free to contact me here!

You can also find Shakeology (my #1 choice) here with more information on nutritional facts, etc.

Check it out here:

Jaw Surgery Update: 5 months post-op!

I think it’s only fair to give a small update as to how I’m doing, over 5 months post-op jaw surgery!

January 2014 (pre-op), left; Me, today!

January 2014 (pre-op), left; Me, today!


My smile and swelling are both healing beautifully. Wow, I am so glad that I took the leap and had the surgery done. It’s been life-changing. I love my smile, I love the profile of my face, I love the way that I can bite down and my teeth touch…the “love” goes on and on.


Check out a video of my thoughts and news updates so far (psst- I mention when the braces are coming off in the video!!):

One year later….(my 8-week post-op musings)

So earlier this week I took a picture of me sipping tea the other day, and as I sat here (….procrastinating doing homework), the picture looked familiar to me, and I couldn’t place why.

Photo on 4-15-14 at 3.12 PM

Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. Last year, almost EXACTLY to the day, my fiancé and and I were visiting a friend in Scotland. We were on the Isle of Skye and Greg took a picture of me holding up a stuffed sheep. 

April 2013

April 2013



It was that picture that made me decide to go and finally get my teeth fixed. I called my orthodontist the day after we got home and told them not to let me cancel the appointment.
I was in that exact pose this week and didn’t realize it.

Looking at those two pictures back-to-back says WONDERS about my year.

What a difference a year makes!

What a difference a year makes!


2013 was such a year of growth for me in so many ways, and you can see it on my face. I worked on my nutrition, I invested time and development in myself, and I tried to work smarter, not harder.
And today, 8 WEEKS post-op, the growth is literally measured on my face.

I never had the courage to get my teeth fixed completely until I became a Beachbody coach. I never had the courage to take a huge risk on myself. I never had the courage to step out of my comfort zone in order to grow into a bigger and better person.

But in 2013, I started to dream big. It was so difficult for me at first, but once I did, those dreams began to take shape in real life.

I’m not there yet, but I’m definitely on my way, and I honestly owe it all to becoming a Beachbody coach.  


Happy 8 week-iversary!