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My Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Journey

I love blogging, and I truly try to be an open book to you, my readers & followers. I’ve decided to share the next chapter in my life because I hope it inspires others to make a positive change in their lives, just like I strive to do with my health & fitness journey.



When 2017 began, I wanted to make sure that “my house was in order” in more ways than one: I am working on taking care of myself, and what that really looks like. I’m exercising regularly, I’m eating healthy 75% of the time, and I’m working on meditating and other personal care. But something needs to be worked on in my own personal life the most right now: my finances.


And so I’ve decided to follow Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and document my journey, just like I’ve done with other major life changes!

I will not share our personal incomes, but I absolutely will share the setbacks and triumphs of the journey.



The beginning stages:

I am so, unbelievably grateful that my husband has decided to take Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University with me. We are taking the class from home because my schedule is too ridiculous and I literally never have a consistent night off. So we bought the kit on eBay! Each week we pick a night that will work to completely devote to it. No cell phones, no texting, no Facebook-checking (which my husband has to remind me about).


The setbacks:

As a musician and someone who owns her own sales business, my income is really difficult to track. I’ve always used this as an excuse, but I’m following the correct tracking forms that Dave Ramsey suggests for people in my case. I will not allow this to be an excuse anymore!


The triumphs: 

I’ll just put it this way: I think every engaged couple should take something like this, because the husband and I have conversations that are open, honest, and exciting about our financial future! We didn’t have these before, and dare I say, this process will make us even closer.


What’s next:

Our first budget + using the envelope system!