Stay Tuned…..for a jaw surgery e-book!

So this morning I’ve been working on an idea that (I hope) will help a lot of people….and that’s a jaw surgery e-book!!

Lately I’ve been getting at LEAST one request a day for guidance when it comes to their jaw surgery….while I’m not an oral surgeon (and I never claim to be!), I know how lonely it can feel during the jaw surgery process. It’s so nice to know someone who’s considering getting a surgery that, essentially, changes your face!

[People think that it’s a cosmetic surgery, but 99.9% of the time it’s very health-related (chronic pain, TMJ, headaches, etc.).]

Anyways, I’m looking through my pictures for the e-book and while I can’t spill the beans on too much right now, I’ll share a side-by-side that I put together. Crazy, right?
Now I hope I can continue to be a voice of support for others across the country who are considering doing the same.

Stay tuned!

[for my jaw surgery story, click here:

for my 2 year post-op reflections:] jaw surgery side by side

The easiest, tastiest tomato soup. Ever.

I made this at our team retreat a few weeks back and everyone absolutely loved it. The best part is….it’s made in a slow cooker, so it’s even easier to make! Gosh, I might make this tomorrow, come to think of it…..

And so here we go! Slow Cooker Crock Pot Tomato Soup





  • 1, 30-ounce can of diced tomatoes (or already crushed tomatoes)
  • 1/2-1 medium onion, diced
  • 1 10-ounce can of tomato sauce
  • 4 cups chicken broth (vegetable broth, if vegetarian)
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 2 cups Parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 cup cut basil (I use dried- oh well, it’s better fresh!)
  • 3 tsp minced garlic
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 1 tsp pepper



  • Add all ingredients except Parmesan cheese to slow cooker. Cook on low for 6-8 hours (or on high for 4-6 hours). If cooking the heavy cream for that long scares you, then add that at the end too.
  • After the cooking is done, spoon the soup into a blender (OR just use an immersion blender! Works like a charm for me!). Blend and combine.
  • Pour soup back into crock pot. Add Parmesan cheese (and cream, if you haven’t yet already).
  • Stir, cook for a few minutes more, and enjoy!



This is such good comfort food. Prepare to eat multiple bowls of this bad boy!


In peace & good health,


What’s On My Plate: Seasonings & Meal Prepping

It’s another Monday, which means it’s time to ask…”What’s on my plate?”

[DISCLAIMER: none of these products are endorsed. These are simply the things on my mind that I’m using this week!]


Healthy for body: Meal Prepping

Ah, yes. The elusive meal prepping. I’ve always said that I was too busy to meal prep, but I can’t keep using that as an excuse. I need to give it a try. meal prep containers



I got these meal prep containers after a fellow coach had success with them. This is a totally new territory for me, and I will try and blog (and vlog) my process!


Mrs. Dash No Salt Seasoning

I don’t count calories, but I do try and focus on salt and sugar intake. I really like these salt-free seasonings from Mrs. Dash because you control how much salt/sodium is included in your dishes! Mrs Dash No Salt Seasoner Sauteed Zucchini



Healthy for mind: My Gaiam Meditation App

It’s $2.99. It’s on my phone. And it’s just what I need.

Meditation is not my thing. I have a fast-paced, type-A personality that likes to keep working nonstop….which results in plenty of stress headaches. But this Gaiam meditation app gives me 5 to 7-minute videos that are just enough to calm me and give me focus when I call upon it. It’s amazing. Check it out here via the app store on Apple’s website.


And just in case you don’t even want to download the app, try taking the next 1-2 minutes breathing, in and out, with this video. It’s amazing the difference it can make.






What’s on YOUR plate this week?

In peace & good health,


What’s On Your Plate?

I want to start doing a consistent post called “What’s On Your Plate?”

This will cover not only the foods I am eating, but also the obstacles I’m facing on my wellness journey. And so we begin!

Healthy for body: Grilled Parmesan asparagus & garlic mushrooms


So easy. So good.

So easy. So good.


Some of my favorite foods are Parmesan asparagus and mushrooms. It’s gotten sunny and warm where I live (hello, spring!) so I decided to fire up the ol’ grill. I oiled the veggies, salted them and put garlic powder on them.  I put the mushrooms in this grilling basket that I bought for under $20 at the Home Depot (here it is on Amazon) and I put the asparagus right on the grill. I cooked them for a few minutes until they were burned to my liking (I like a little char!). After removing the asparagus, I drizzled some grated Parmesan on the asparagus and covered them with foil to melt. Voila. So delicious.



Healthy for mind…sort of: my birthday cake made out of macaroons!


I have the best mom ever!

I have the best mom ever!


I am all about balance, especially when it’s your birthday week. My mom struggled with how to give me a gluten-free dessert for my birthday, and I think this was easily the best birthday cake I’ve received. They were unbelievable, and I got to take 50% of them home with me. I ate one as I wrote this blog entry. 🙂


Healthy for soul: my coaches’ team retreat 


Just a portion of fabulous ladies on our team!

Just a portion of fabulous ladies on our team!



The life of a #girlboss: pumps, laptop & goals to crush.

The life of a #girlboss: pumps, laptop & goals to crush.



I hosted a team retreat for some of the leaders on our team and it. was. incredible! We rented an entire house in the woods for us to re-connect and re-focus. (We also had some fabulous photos taken by a professional photographer!)


You see, our missions are all slightly different, and yet the same:

make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Help women find a healthy mindset and take care of themselves.

Help others while helping themselves stay accountable to their wellness goals.

Create financial freedom for the futures we want, for the families we hope for, and for the life we choose to lead by design.


It was wonderful to spend the weekend with such positive people. The world tends to bring us down too much. We need positive friends more than we think.

[for more info on how to join our team as a wellness coach, check out my coaching Q&A and how to apply for our upcoming apprenticeship training!]

And that’s a wrap! What’s on YOUR plate today?


In peace & good health,

Amanda & the fit family

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Health in the time of Chaos: What I do during an insane week

Do you ever have that week that seems like one long, relentless day? Last week was the week for me. I was in charge of a 5-day symposium where local universities, schools, and churches are all involved. It’s been really fun (and very rewarding), but it’s been a lot of preparatory work. I’ve compared it to the week of my wedding: lots of details, last-minute preparations, and multiple trips to Target. 😛


Yesterday was the worst. I clocked 6 miles of walking (in heeled boots!), over 14,000 steps and lots of calories burned……with almost no meals actually eaten at a table. Or on a plate, for that matter. I can imagine I’m not the only one!





In the past, have you said, “I can’t eat healthy because I’m too busy.” ? Do you think you don’t have time to eat healthy? BELIEVE ME when I say that it’s possible! At this point in my career, I eat 50% of my meals in my car. I’m not proud of it, but that’s the way my life is right now. For this reason, I want to walk you through a day of my eating to show you my strengths, weaknesses and everything in-between.


A completely on-the-go day


-Shakeology blended with almond milk, ice, and 2 cups spinach



-2 dried fruit leather pieces from Aldi’s (because the Greek yogurt I had in my mini-fridge was expired. Drat.)


Early lunch:

-3 eggs, eaten standing up


Afternoon snack:

-Greek yogurt; an apple; 2 triangles of Laughing Cow swiss cheese; some gluten-free pretzels


Dinner: (Ah, finally! My first meal sitting down!)

Out to dinner for a big, important evening.

-Pear & arugula salad with craisins and goat cheese + grilled chicken….and french fries (GASP!)



Takeaways: Strengths

  • I kept to healthy foods overall. I didn’t even have time to eat them at a table, but most of them
  • I got 2 servings of vegetables in (plus the other immense superfood amounts) through Shakeology for breakfast



Takeaways: Weaknesses

  • I didn’t drink enough water!! This one is critical (and not indicated above).
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, I ate french fries. So what. I had walked so much (and ate so little) yesterday that I needed a carbohydrate…and there was no other carbohydrate on the menu that I could eat (gluten-free, hello!). In a stressful week like this, I need to be grateful for any positive choice that I make…..and forgive the things in-between


What to do next: how to bounce back

I feel like I could write an entire blog entry on this one! But you can do a few things:

  • Declare a new day…as a new day. No negative decisions follow you into a new day. You begin fresh.
  • Drink plenty of water. Your body needs it like your car needs oil.
  • Sleep, dear LORD, sleep! The newest episodes on Netflix can wait until the insanity settles down.
  • Listen to personal development audio in your car. This does me much more good than listening to that same Katy Perry pop song 1,000 more times on the radio.
  • Bring snacks wherever you go. Bring Shakeology in the car and shake it up on-the-go. Take almonds and apples and anything that’s portable. “busy” shouldn’t mean starving yourself.





Keep on moving, keep on going. Even if means you’re crawling into bed at night, too exhausted to even pull the covers over your legs…it means you’re kicking butt at something. My next chapter would be: “Are you working smarter, or just harder?” But that’s for another day. 😉


In peace & good health,


2 Years Later….Jaw Surgery Results Check-In

It’s been almost 2 years since my jaw surgery! WHAT!


Jaw surgery has been one of the best decisions of my life, and I work with people every day across the country who are making the same decision. As I reach my 2-year anniversary, people ask me, “Would you do it again?” “What side effects do you have to this day?”


Instead of writing a blog entry, here’s an update video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!



*For more details on how to order Shakeology, contact me and let’s talk! Or you can order directly by clicking this link

Re-Cap: Super Saturday Weekend

What a weekend!

This whole week I keep waking up and thinking…….”did last week really happen??!!!”

So last weekend our company had quarterly meetings across the country, and ours was particularly special. The CEO of our company, Carl Daikeler, as well as 21 Day Fix creator Autumn Calabrese. (What is the 21 Day Fix? Check out my review here)

Not only was it cool to spend time with my team….but I also helped to lead a group workout of 1,000 people. A THOUSAND PEOPLE!!


Here are some pictures:


AmandaPlazekdotcom_Super Friday_1-8-16_4

That’s me in the back!

AmandaPlazekdotcom_Super Friday_1-8-16_3 AmandaPlazekdotcom_Super Friday_1-8-16_2 AmandaPlazekdotcom Super Friday_1-8-16












































All I can say is….wow. I truly love this company. I truly love what I do. I am blessed to be a part of this trend to halt obesity and give people hope. Give people nutrition help. Give people positivity and self-love. Give people a fresh start.



If you’ve ever considered creating a business from your love of fitness or health, reach out to me. Let’s talk. I’d love to have you in my upcoming Coach Academy!

Apply for the coaching academy by clicking here: The Fit Family New Coach Academy



You never know how much your life can change until you just take that single step. Will you take that first step with me?



In peace & health,

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Gluten-Free Banana Oat Pancake Recipe

It’s January, which means most of the country is a bit cooler this time of year…and makes me crave comfort food. Big time. And when I think comfort for breakfast, I think pancakes because I love a good, fluffy pancake.


So I’ve been checking out the 21 Day Fix Fixate cookbook (which you can buy here or contact me to see how you can earn a free one from me- mention this blog entry!) and I found this gluten-free pancake recipe. Sounds good, right? Me too. 🙂  They are REALLY easy to make, healthy, and totally guilt-free. I put some butter on top of mine and they were UNREAL.

*Tip: if you don’t want to get your blender messy, use a hand immersion blender. It’s less clean-up!*

Here you go! Enjoy! Gluten Free Oat Pancakes


What do you think? Would you give this gluten-free pancake recipe a try? Let me know what you think!

In peace & health,


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6 Ways to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

2015 was awesome. No, really, it was. I got married, I started to teach group fitness….it really was a banner year.

When I look back as to why it was such a great year, I know for certain that it’s because of just a few things. I hope you use these things and make 2016 your best year yet, too.

  1. I refused to settle for less than my best. One of my new pet peeves is settling: settling for mediocrity, settling for sub-par goals, settling with setbacks and never getting back up to try again. I keep pushing past who I used to be so I can grow into a better person: a better wife, a better leader, a stronger woman. I won’t settle for the negativity I used to feel in my life.
  2. I made my health a priority. I cannot stress this enough. Once you make the mindset shift away from “diet” and towards “simpler eating and regular exercise”, your body WILL change. Schedule your workouts like they are meetings with your boss. Don’t cancel on yourself.
  3. I took leadership courses. Online, in person, in the form of books & worksheets….I work to conquer the things that used to hold me back. I realized that I don’t know everything (not even close!) and removed my ego from my growth. Now I study each morning with the greats: John C. Maxwell, Darren Hardy, Jen Sincero…..the list goes on.
  4. I expressed love & gratitude to the Universe, the Higher Powers, God, whatever you believe in. This one was BIG for me. Last January I was financially tight, as the husband and I were saving for our wedding. Instead of cowering with fear, I practiced gratitude and abundance. Now, I know this may sound crazy, but I woke up each morning and thanked God (or whatever you want to thank that’s in charge of this whole party) for the abundance He was currently bringing into my life, even though I didn’t see it yet. I did this for WEEKS without seeing any results. A month later, I got a call for an extra job that gave me the money I needed to stay afloat. Thanks, Higher Power. 😉
    On top of that, anytime I feel miserable and negative, I express gratitude for the things around me. I listened to the book “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne and began to love more than I ever did before. I tried to be kinder, I tried to be more compassionate, I said “thank you” in my car as I saw a sunset. It may seem silly, but it was MIND-BLOWINGLY effective.
  5. I gave as much as I could. From my time to my finances, publicly and in secret, I gave more than ever. People don’t want fancy toys. They want your presence. (I’m still working on this one, too!)
  6. I dreamed big. Ah, yes. This correlates with #1. I continue to dream big for my husband and our future family. He and I sat down and planned our upcoming year, where we want to travel, what we want to save for, etc.
    I dreamed for my team of coaches, where I want to help them grow, where we will all be in a year’s time, etc.
    I know that “Dreaming Big” sounds like something on an elementary school teacher’s classroom poster. I used to feel the same way. But what I’ve found is that dreaming big is the current that continues to move our lives forward. If we don’t keep dreaming and pushing and growing and expanding, we lay stagnant. We get frustrated because our lives aren’t going anywhere because OUR LIVES AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE!!! We need to be bold and gutsy and make goals for ourselves that make our stomachs ache with nervousness. That is the type of growth that pushes our lives and gives us long-term satisfaction.


Is it time for a change?

Is it time for a change?


So where do you want to be in 2016? I am the architect of my year, and so are you. Go after what you want. Do something new. Just go after it. I’m here for you every step of the way.

In peace & health,


Gratitude & Health are the Finest Forms of Wealth

This week I began a new weight-training program called The Master’s Hammer & Chisel. It’s required me to work out 6 days/week and follow a nutrition plan that has filled me with good food (thank goodness!) and a workout routine that’s keeping me motivated, even throughout the holiday season.


After not having a good, healthy December/January last year (I failed at Insanity: Max 30), it’s been refreshing to find a path that gives me plenty of nutritious food and exercise during some of the most stressful weeks of my year. Actually, it’s taken me one step further: I feel as if I am even more grateful for the health I already have.


You see, when I began my health journey in late 2012, I did it because I thought I needed a change. I didn’t see much of a bigger picture past it. I was simply sick of feeling like I had no energy, and I feared what was in store for the future. Fear and a fuzzy big picture. That’s it. But now, as I get older and start to shift my life into adulthood, I realize that health is the main factor in so many of our life’s directions. When we are sick, life halts. Our progress halts. Our jobs, our social interactions, and maybe even our goals come to a screeching stop. It’s a presence in our lives that, once revoked from us, we struggle getting back.


Our society focuses on sickness, not health. It advertises weight loss, not nutrition. It promotes quick fixes, not simplicity. But as I grow as a leader and health coach, I’ve learned to live in that simplicity as much as I can.


Eat simple foods.

When it comes to exercise, take advice from others that know what they’re talking about. Don’t hurt yourself being the hero.

Drink plenty of water.

Try and celebrate one part of you, every day, that is quintessentially you.

Get enough sleep.

Walk around the block. Heck, park further away from the entrance to Target to get those few extra steps in.

Don’t allow other people’s judgment of you bettering yourself to hinder the nurturing you deserve.

Screw society. Take care of yourself. No one else can.

And be grateful for the fact that you’ve made it this far, and that you have the opportunity to exercise when people who are bed-ridden and/or sick who would long for that chance again.

Don’t be afraid of the amazing person that you are destined to become. I only want you to shed the skin of your limitations so you can be a light to others. You’re already light to me.


gratitude and health are the finest forms of wealth



That’s all for now.


In peace & good health,