Fitness Goals!

I never thought of myself as a runner, but I decided a little bit ago that I was going to stop saying that I’m not “this” or “that” type of a person.

And with that, my fitness goals were born….

Here are my old goals- it’s amazing how much can be done! 

Run 1 mile by Christmas– Achieved on November 2, 2012!

Run 5k by Christmas- Achieved on December 20, 2012!

Run in a 5k by June 1, 2013- Achieved on March 9, 2013!

Run 5 miles by September 1, 2013- Achieved September 5, 2013!

Finish Focus T25 by December 1, 2013 Achieved November 1, 2013!




Here are my new goals, post-Jaw Surgery (to begin late April, 2014):

Run 5k by June 30, 2014

Run in the Great Race in September 2014

Fully complete PiYO by September 1, 2014

Run in the March Mad Dash 10 mile race, March 2015

Can I do it???

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