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OVER 10 days post-coffee: It’s really not so bad.

I miss the taste of coffee. I miss grabbing a Starbucks drink, or sipping it in the mornings.

But I don’t miss how I felt when I drank it.


I’ve decided to eliminate coffee from my habits from now on until I absolutely need it. When I need a caffeine boost, I will try Shakeology Boost: Focused Energy (less than a scoop!) or tea. But coffee in the morning is just too much for my system these days.


Things that I’ve noticed, over 10 days coffee-free:

  • I am much less shaky than I used to be. This blows my mind. Right around this time of the morning, I would feel shaky if I didn’t eat something substantial. While I am hungry right now, I do not feel as if my blood sugar could drop dangerously.
  • I poop more! Sorry to give you all the TMI, but I must be honest as we go along on our health journeys together. The fiber in my diet is enough to keep me going. Who knew?
  • It’s been taking me longer to get out of bed in the morning. Now, I’ve also been working 55+ hour weeks with all of my jobs combined, which could also contribute to this. But I’d like to work on getting to bed earlier so getting up earlier isn’t so much of a “get-the-jaws-of-life’ routine these days. 🙂
  • definitely get bone-tired exhausted by the end of my insane weeks. It’s been preventing me from being productive on my 1 day/afternoon off during the week. On these days, I drink Shakeology Boost: Focused Energy in my Shakeology. That absolutely does the trick. But only if I need to!



The moral of the story? Just like eating healthy, being coffee-free is really possible. Trust me. It’s not easy, but my energy/”shaky” level throughout the day absolutely reflects my coffee intake. For this reason, coffee and I have to break up for awhile. It’s not you, it’s me. Promise.


In peace & health,

Amanda & the fit family

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9 days coffee-free: I’m almost there!!

I can officially say that I’m 9 days coffee-free! Here are the things I’ve noticed throughout the day:

  • I don’t crave coffee anymore. Don’t get me wrong- I could go for a cup and I love the taste & smell, but I don’t need it to survive in the morning. I’ve been drinking either some chai tea or water in the mornings and it has been going well.
  • I’ve definitely had some days where I think I was detoxing from coffee. I felt exhausted to the core, and I needed the Focused Energy Shakeology Boost. But overall, life really can go on without my cup o’ Joe. 😉
  • I don’t feel shaky like I used to. Anytime I have the Focused Energy or green tea in the morning, I feel “shaky” and get concerned about eating enough food. However, my days have been pretty even, energy-wise! This coffee-free, low- to no-sugar life might be boring, but boy, does my mind feel clear.
  • I had a few caffeine withdrawal headaches. They weren’t fun. But I’m glad they are over.



So overall, I’ve listened to how my body reacts. While coffee is supposed to bring you antioxidants and speed up your metabolism, I just don’t think it’s my cup of tea at this point in my life. Partially, because it’s not a cup of tea! Ha ha, I jest, I jest……

At this point, I don’t plan on going back to drinking coffee. I just feel too good without it. I’ll stick to my tea and water for now and keep on keeping on.

My quest for better health continues!

In peace & health,
Amanda & the fit family

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Day 5 Coffee-Free: Okay, Shakeology Boost. Let’s try again.

Day 5 coffee-free was also rough. I don’t know if it was because of my grueling Saturday-Monday work schedule, but I was absolutely dragging on Tuesday, 5 days coffee-free. I had only drank my mint green tea in the morning and just couldn’t get my act together!


I had to try something. After drinking too much Shakeology Boost: Focused Energy, I decided to give it one more try.

I had about 1/3 of a scoop and that was much better for my system. I just felt more focused and energetic! I went grocery shopping, put away the groceries, went and taught piano lessons, came home, and made dinner for the husband and me.

I felt great. Not shaky, just energetic!


As I wake up tomorrow and venture into day 6 coffee-free, I plan to have eggs for breakfast and Shakeology post-workout as my recovery. I’ll be adding my energy boost to it and I should be good to go for the day!


Okay....I'll give you one more try.  Source:

Okay….I’ll give you one more try.




In peace & health,

Amanda & the fit family

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Days 3 and 4 coffee-free: “I feel like there is lead in my limbs.”

Sunday marked day 3 of my coffee-free streak and that was absolutely the worst day so far. Sundays typically drain the life out of me, and Sunday was no exception.


I worked through the morning and felt okay…until I spent the afternoon in the car while my husband drove. It was almost like I was jetlagged. I fell asleep sitting up multiple times, and had to nap around 5:30 pm before heading out again!

Now, I know that this extreme tiredness could be from my exhausting work weekend in the heat, but I definitely think that my coffee/high caffeine withdrawal had finally reared its ugly, tired head.


Monday (i.e. day 4) was much easier to handle, despite the fact that it was an equally exhausting day. I’ve only been drinking low-caffeine chai tea or green tea, keeping the caffeine low (and more of a morning habit).


This has been the only caffeine I’ve been drinking (no soda, etc). I’m noticing that, overall, I don’t really need it throughout my day. I know that sounds contradictory from day #3 above, but if I am feeling tired, I drink water and get something to eat.

I’ve noticed one other strange thing: I used to habitually yawn for no reason throughout my day. Teachers used to comment that I seemed tired all of the time, and yet I felt awake as I did it. I’ve noticed that since I stopped drinking coffee, I stopped yawning all of the time! The only other time I’ve experienced this was when I did the 3-day Refresh (a gentle, plant-based, food detox)…which was when, you guessed it, I stopped drinking coffee for 3 days. Hm!



I’m almost halfway to my 10-day streak! Will I go back to coffee after this challenge? We’ll see!

In peace & health,

Amanda & the Fit Family

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2 days coffee-free (and I’m alive)

Yesterday’s coffee-free day was relatively “easy” in the morning! I’ve been drinking as much water as I can upon waking (about one of my Nalgene bottles, i.e. 32 ounces) which seems to be waking me up alongside my cup of mint green tea. The caffeine count is definitely weaker than a cup of java, but I’ll take it for now.


I exercised yesterday, which helped give me energy for the rest of the day. Hooray!


However, after being in the heat in a very stressful afternoon at work, I came home, exhausted. It was one of those soul-sucking, come-home-and-lay-down-in-the-fetal-position days. Weekends altogether are that way for me.





However, I don’t believe this exhaustion was caused by my coffee withdrawal. It’s really how I feel every weekend.


I don’t necessarily look forward to day 3’s level of energy without coffee, but I can say with confidence that I think it’s the best decision for me. I’m not feeling “shaky” in the morning and I am getting by without it!


Here’s to day 3!

In peace & health,

Amanda & the fit family

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Day 1 without Coffee: I Survived!

I finished day 1 without coffee and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

I struggled with getting up but had some green tea instead, knowing I could make more tea (even more heavily-caffeinated, if I need it) later in the morning.

My “shakiness” was gone during the morning, which was a huge relief!

Ideally, I wanted to try my Shakeology Boost in the morning instead of green tea, but the Fedex delivery person hadn’t arrived yet.


So I decided to take a scoop in my Shakeology in the afternoon. This….may or may not have been a good idea post-workout, because within 20-30 minutes, I felt like I was bouncing off of the walls. I think it might have been too much caffeine- I don’t need a whole scoop/serving!


As a result, however, I cleaned the first and second bedroom, the bathroom, and tidied up the living room and dining room. So I would definitely say it gave me focused energy. HA!


Don't worry, the Shakeology Boost doesn't make your shake green. I made it with Greenberry Shakeology.

Don’t worry, the Shakeology Boost doesn’t make your shake green. I made it with Greenberry Shakeology.



Day 2’s goals:

-Try the day without any Shakeology Boost, only green tea if needed

-Meal prep like a champ. Food is fuel, and if I want to feel good on this 10-day no-coffee challenge, I need to make sure I give my body some high-octane fuel!