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2018: New Year, (Pretty Much the) Same Old Me

It’s been a long time since I gave an update on my life and an explanation of the things you may have seen on my social media. And so after a beautiful New Year’s Day celebration with my loved ones, I thought it might be time to share some of the things going on in my life at the end of 2017!

I’ve had a lot of changes with my health and wellness this fall. As many of you know, I am a Beachbody coach (and have been for 5 years!). As someone who runs around like a chicken with her head cut off most of the time, they are the solution to keeping me sane: I stream professional yoga sessions, get tips on weight lifting from the pros, and get my ass kicked by Shaun T anytime I want. I avoid junk food by whipping up a meal I can have on-the-go, since most of my meals this fall were done standing up and on-the-go.


But this Fall a local Cyclebar franchise opened in my neighborhood. (If you don’t know what Cyclebar is, it’s a spinning studio that focuses on riding your bicycle to the beat of the music playing in your workout session. Not to mention the immense amount of amenities you get with your membership.) This local Cyclebar studio offered 3 weeks of free classes to get people in the neighborhood a chance to see what all the fuss is about. Now, I gotta be really honest….as someone who works out from home and teaches fitness classes at a gym (and, therefore, gets a gym membership for free)……I had very little expectations when I decided to give Cyclebar a try.


Once the first class began, I knew I was in trouble. The energy was infectious. The music programming was superior and passed my annoyingly-high standards. The workout was really tough but very rewarding.  Needless to say….I was hooked.



I decided to connect with the owners of our local Cyclebar studio and, after much dialogue, I’m proud to say that I am one of Cyclebar’s Brand Ambassadors.

What does that mean?

I help with special events like charity rides (the proceeds completely go to a nonprofit/charity), race expos, fundraisers, etc.

I’ll be hosting a free workout class for all of my friends and family in the near future. (How cool is that?)

I’m also able to give a free first class to my friends and family who want to try it too!



But you won’t see me spamming your Facebook with anything other than post-workout selfies. I have nothing to sell, nothing hidden. I just love to work out there and want to help others try the studio too. The end.


“Does this mean you aren’t a Beachbody coach anymore?”

Actually, no! I’m still a Beachbody coach. You may not see me post that much about it anymore, but I’m still here. My social media presence is changing though….someone can only be ignored and feel insignificant by so many people when you realize your voice is best used in a more valued platform. It can be exhausting to be discounted by so many people for so long. It’s taken a toll on my self-worth in the health & wellness world.

If you are one of the women who keep your light shining among the sea of MLMs right now, then I so applaud you. For now, I will take care of my tribe of ladies and always welcome others, but not bug you constantly about it.

(Sidenote: I talked with Beachbody’s Compliance Department and I am to expressly share that helping the community at Cyclebar has NOTHING to do with being a Beachbody coach. I did my legal duty there.)


I’m just a person, like so many of you, who tries new things in life along the way and collects them into my daily habits, like seashells into my pockets after a beach vacation.

  • I started my wellness journey with Beachbody, and I continue to help others find that health/wellness solution if it’s right for them.
  • I consult with jaw surgery patients and plead with them to take their nutrition seriously (advice that I wish more people would take!).
  • I also like to help out the local community and ride at Cyclebar AND teach fitness classes (to fantastic people) at a local university.



I’m Amanda, and I am shaped by my past and current experiences. I’ve learned recently that it’s okay to piece together so many unique interests and traits that most people may not understand why you do everything you do. And that’s okay.

I always thought that it was strange to be a professional musician who loves healthy eating and fitness, but that was a self-created personal limitation. If my life expands into new avenues as I grow, I’m now okay with that.



2018’s New Year’s Resolutions

This year my New Year’s Resolutions aren’t to transform myself into this crazy-unrecognizable person. As you can see above, that has already happened over the course of 5-7 years. But my goals this year are to do the following:

  • Finish my Master’s Degree (I’m almost there!)
  • Become debt-free except our mortgage (bye bye, student loans)
  • Work towards fluency of another language (either French or Polish)
  • Complain less. Express gratitude more.



Let’s see how 2018 goes, shall we?


In peace & good health,



How to Stay Motivated Throughout the Entire Year


I hear from people almost every day that say, “I wish I could be fit like you, but I can’t.
[insert excuse here: “I don’t have time”; “I can’t afford it”; “I don’t have exercise equipment”; “I don’t like to exercise”; “It’s just not for me”, the list goes on.]”


I used to feel the exact same way. I was never athletic growing up, and exercise did not come naturally to me. I had to develop motivation after many (many) attempts on my own.

Here are some of the ways I’ve found motivation so that my New Year’s resolution is still going strong, even at the end of the year:

1. Focus on the fact that this is a permanent lifestyle change, not a 3-week “phase”. 
If I miss a day or two on my workout schedule or I fall off the nutrition wagon for a week, I don’t quit. I forgive myself (although it can be incredibly challenging), I hit the “reset” button and I move on.

2. Follow a researched and effective workout plan. 
I am a fitness instructor, but even I know my limits. I don’t claim to be a certified personal trainer (yet!), and I don’t claim to have researched exercise science. I believe in following a safe, effective plan that I can do from the comfort of my own home. Trying to create my own program does not give the results I want! I’ve found that I see the results I want when I take my ego out of the equation.

3. Follow a nutrition plan. 
This is another one where I am humbled sometimes. I don’t find the results I want when I think I know everything about nutrition. However, I do not believe in “dieting”. (refer to #1!) My nutrition plan is exactly that: a plan. If my plan changes because I went out of town for a few days with my family, then I do the best I can. I bless and release, and let it go.

4. Celebrate the little victories. (spoiler alert: They don’t necessarily revolve around the number on a scale!)
Did you follow your workout calendar to a “T” this week? Give yourself a dance party and unwind with a magazine and a clay detox face mask!
Did you do well on your nutrition plan this week? Great! Paint your nails and watch “Parks and Recreation” or whatever you like.
Did you have a crappy week taking care of yourself? Oh well. It happens to literally all of us. Read those quotes I put above (or google some of your own). One week does not have the power to ruin your entire year.

5. Get connected to a team who’s got your back. 
Making a permanent lifestyle change for yourself is much easier when you connect with others. I am a coach to help people across the United States and Canada find a way to connect, motivate, uplift, and support each other.

Don’t have time to go to a gym? Pop in a 25-minute, scientifically-researched workout in your living room. Let us know when you’re done, and we’ll be there, cheering you on. Boom.

And there you have it! Some of my thoughts halfway through the month of January 2017.

Want to kick it into high gear, even though it’s not January 1? Not a problem. Email me at and let’s get started. Life is easier when we work towards bigger things together!

My Diamond Leadership Retreat (re-cap) & my new house

So lately I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my Diamond Leadership Retreat in Florida. (if you want to read more, click here and it’ll give you some info.)


I want to spread the good vibes as much as I can, so I made a Facebook Live video to share as many takeaways as I can!

Check out my video here (and check out a sneak peak of my messy- but new- home here, too!):




What did you think? Have you ever thought about coaching yourself? I’d be honored if we walked this journey together and continued to make an impact in the lives of others.

Contact me and we can talk!

in peace and good health signature

21 Day Fix Extreme, Week 2 Re-Cap

I’m almost done with the 21 Day Fix Extreme!


Now, for those of you who are reading this for the first time (and have no idea what the 21 Day Fix Extreme is), the 21 Day Fix is a program of 30-minute workouts that you can do at home, combined with a simple nutrition plan that focuses on eating well and what a proper portion size is. The “Extreme” part of the 21 Day Fix Extreme simply means that I picked the more “advanced” version of the program, which comes with  much more challenging workouts for the day.


Here is my check in from the past week: WEEK 3!


I plan on doing a Facebook Live event so you can tune in and ask me anything you’d like about the 21 Day Fix process. Here we go- I’m almost at the finish line!



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My Personal Challenge: the 21 Day Fix Extreme

It’s official! I am following the 21 Day fix Extreme program! I am committing to it for 21 days.


What is the 21 Day Fix [extreme]?

the 21 Day Fix is a workout + nutrition program. The “extreme” part of it mostly just indicates more advanced workouts.

Each workout is 30 minutes long and is easily done in my living room, away from the embarrassment of others’ views. (ha!)

The nutrition guide helps determine how much of each major food group (fruits, vegetables, protein) you should have for the unique person that is you! (I love that.)

For more info about the 21 Day Fix, you can check out my previous blog entries by clicking here.


I actually have to admit that I have never finished a workout program, start to finish. I know. I’m guilty.

I exercise, don’t get me wrong! But I haven’t been able to follow a workout program without skipping a day (or two…or three) and then deciding to start all over again.


Here is my first YouTube video confessing my lack of following a program, AND my call-to-action as I officially commit to the 21 Day Fix Extreme:



Stay tuned to follow my journey over these 21 days!

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My Takeaways from Coach Summit 2016 (and how they can help you, too)

I am freshly back from a trip to Nashville, Tennessee (is that spelled right? I’m never sure.) as I spent the week at my coaching conference!


Aptly named “Coach Summit”, I spent the week with 25,000 of my closest friends who like health & fitness as much as I do.


After reflecting about what I learned the most this year, I decided to share my takeaways with you too! (Spoiler alert: They aren’t necessarily for people who are coaches!)


I recently did a live video feed on Facebook. Here is the recording- check it out for my top 10 takeaways from Coach Summit that I think can help you too. Here we go!

What did you think? Were there any takeaways that stuck in your mind the most? Comment with them below!

Share this video with someone that you think could benefit from a healthy dose of motivation!


in peace & good health-


What’s On Your Plate?

I want to start doing a consistent post called “What’s On Your Plate?”

This will cover not only the foods I am eating, but also the obstacles I’m facing on my wellness journey. And so we begin!

Healthy for body: Grilled Parmesan asparagus & garlic mushrooms


So easy. So good.

So easy. So good.


Some of my favorite foods are Parmesan asparagus and mushrooms. It’s gotten sunny and warm where I live (hello, spring!) so I decided to fire up the ol’ grill. I oiled the veggies, salted them and put garlic powder on them.  I put the mushrooms in this grilling basket that I bought for under $20 at the Home Depot (here it is on Amazon) and I put the asparagus right on the grill. I cooked them for a few minutes until they were burned to my liking (I like a little char!). After removing the asparagus, I drizzled some grated Parmesan on the asparagus and covered them with foil to melt. Voila. So delicious.



Healthy for mind…sort of: my birthday cake made out of macaroons!


I have the best mom ever!

I have the best mom ever!


I am all about balance, especially when it’s your birthday week. My mom struggled with how to give me a gluten-free dessert for my birthday, and I think this was easily the best birthday cake I’ve received. They were unbelievable, and I got to take 50% of them home with me. I ate one as I wrote this blog entry. 🙂


Healthy for soul: my coaches’ team retreat 


Just a portion of fabulous ladies on our team!

Just a portion of fabulous ladies on our team!



The life of a #girlboss: pumps, laptop & goals to crush.

The life of a #girlboss: pumps, laptop & goals to crush.



I hosted a team retreat for some of the leaders on our team and it. was. incredible! We rented an entire house in the woods for us to re-connect and re-focus. (We also had some fabulous photos taken by a professional photographer!)


You see, our missions are all slightly different, and yet the same:

make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Help women find a healthy mindset and take care of themselves.

Help others while helping themselves stay accountable to their wellness goals.

Create financial freedom for the futures we want, for the families we hope for, and for the life we choose to lead by design.


It was wonderful to spend the weekend with such positive people. The world tends to bring us down too much. We need positive friends more than we think.

[for more info on how to join our team as a wellness coach, check out my coaching Q&A and how to apply for our upcoming apprenticeship training!]

And that’s a wrap! What’s on YOUR plate today?


In peace & good health,

Amanda & the fit family

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Re-Cap: Super Saturday Weekend

What a weekend!

This whole week I keep waking up and thinking…….”did last week really happen??!!!”

So last weekend our company had quarterly meetings across the country, and ours was particularly special. The CEO of our company, Carl Daikeler, as well as 21 Day Fix creator Autumn Calabrese. (What is the 21 Day Fix? Check out my review here)

Not only was it cool to spend time with my team….but I also helped to lead a group workout of 1,000 people. A THOUSAND PEOPLE!!


Here are some pictures:


AmandaPlazekdotcom_Super Friday_1-8-16_4

That’s me in the back!

AmandaPlazekdotcom_Super Friday_1-8-16_3 AmandaPlazekdotcom_Super Friday_1-8-16_2 AmandaPlazekdotcom Super Friday_1-8-16












































All I can say is….wow. I truly love this company. I truly love what I do. I am blessed to be a part of this trend to halt obesity and give people hope. Give people nutrition help. Give people positivity and self-love. Give people a fresh start.



If you’ve ever considered creating a business from your love of fitness or health, reach out to me. Let’s talk. I’d love to have you in my upcoming Coach Academy!

Apply for the coaching academy by clicking here: The Fit Family New Coach Academy



You never know how much your life can change until you just take that single step. Will you take that first step with me?



In peace & health,

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6 Ways to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

2015 was awesome. No, really, it was. I got married, I started to teach group fitness….it really was a banner year.

When I look back as to why it was such a great year, I know for certain that it’s because of just a few things. I hope you use these things and make 2016 your best year yet, too.

  1. I refused to settle for less than my best. One of my new pet peeves is settling: settling for mediocrity, settling for sub-par goals, settling with setbacks and never getting back up to try again. I keep pushing past who I used to be so I can grow into a better person: a better wife, a better leader, a stronger woman. I won’t settle for the negativity I used to feel in my life.
  2. I made my health a priority. I cannot stress this enough. Once you make the mindset shift away from “diet” and towards “simpler eating and regular exercise”, your body WILL change. Schedule your workouts like they are meetings with your boss. Don’t cancel on yourself.
  3. I took leadership courses. Online, in person, in the form of books & worksheets….I work to conquer the things that used to hold me back. I realized that I don’t know everything (not even close!) and removed my ego from my growth. Now I study each morning with the greats: John C. Maxwell, Darren Hardy, Jen Sincero…..the list goes on.
  4. I expressed love & gratitude to the Universe, the Higher Powers, God, whatever you believe in. This one was BIG for me. Last January I was financially tight, as the husband and I were saving for our wedding. Instead of cowering with fear, I practiced gratitude and abundance. Now, I know this may sound crazy, but I woke up each morning and thanked God (or whatever you want to thank that’s in charge of this whole party) for the abundance He was currently bringing into my life, even though I didn’t see it yet. I did this for WEEKS without seeing any results. A month later, I got a call for an extra job that gave me the money I needed to stay afloat. Thanks, Higher Power. 😉
    On top of that, anytime I feel miserable and negative, I express gratitude for the things around me. I listened to the book “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne and began to love more than I ever did before. I tried to be kinder, I tried to be more compassionate, I said “thank you” in my car as I saw a sunset. It may seem silly, but it was MIND-BLOWINGLY effective.
  5. I gave as much as I could. From my time to my finances, publicly and in secret, I gave more than ever. People don’t want fancy toys. They want your presence. (I’m still working on this one, too!)
  6. I dreamed big. Ah, yes. This correlates with #1. I continue to dream big for my husband and our future family. He and I sat down and planned our upcoming year, where we want to travel, what we want to save for, etc.
    I dreamed for my team of coaches, where I want to help them grow, where we will all be in a year’s time, etc.
    I know that “Dreaming Big” sounds like something on an elementary school teacher’s classroom poster. I used to feel the same way. But what I’ve found is that dreaming big is the current that continues to move our lives forward. If we don’t keep dreaming and pushing and growing and expanding, we lay stagnant. We get frustrated because our lives aren’t going anywhere because OUR LIVES AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE!!! We need to be bold and gutsy and make goals for ourselves that make our stomachs ache with nervousness. That is the type of growth that pushes our lives and gives us long-term satisfaction.


Is it time for a change?

Is it time for a change?


So where do you want to be in 2016? I am the architect of my year, and so are you. Go after what you want. Do something new. Just go after it. I’m here for you every step of the way.

In peace & health,