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Stitch Fix Box Review #3: One More Try

I’ve tried two different Stitch Fix boxes (Box #1 review & Box #2 review can be found here) and after the last box, I decided to stop getting automatic shipments. Stitch Fix, however, has excellent customer service. They offered to waive the $20 styling fee if I would give them one more try. I gave them feedback that my items were too basic, and so they wanted to see if they could give me more unique pieces that fit my style. I took them up on that offer…and 10 days later, my Stitch Fix box arrived on my doorstep.


Amanda Plazek Stitch Fix Box



Here we go! A little fashion show of all the items I received:

1.The 41Hawthorn Pintuck Blouse: $68




Did it fit the “unique” factor”? I’d say so! it had that nice magenta color that I enjoyed from Box #1 , but the ruffling, pintuck look just didn’t do it for me. It also fit strangely, as it was too short in the front.

Verdict: Return. 


2. The 41Hawthorn Stud Detail Blouse: $58




Again, a more “unique” piece due to the studs! I liked the length, and I do like 3/4 shirts, But this one just wasn’t me. I’m more of a sequins vs. studs person. 😛

Verdict: return. 


3. and 4. The Kensie Collarless Blazer ($88) and Renee C Elvira Pencil Skirt ($54)



The price was right on the pencil skirt, but that was pretty much it! I actually didn’t mind the blazer much. Styled right with a scarf and sweater, it would have been right up my alley! But I already have a 3/4 length blazer that looked very similar (but had a collar!). The pencil skirt, however, was one big no. No, no, no. Just…no.

Verdicts: return and return. 

5. The Donna Morgan Jersey Shirt Dress ($118)




Ah, the crowning glory of the box. I pinned this item on my Pinterest board months ago, so I was really happy to see it in my box! I was a little apprehensive, though, because I don’t wear jersey dresses or shirt dresses. I don’t feel that they are flattering on me….but I was wrong with this one. It was comfortable, the pattern was unique, the sleeve length was great, it was machine washable…the list goes on. I was in love.


Verdict? Return! 🙁

But why?! Two reasons: 1) We are getting into the cold winter season where I live, and I live in chunky sweaters. No layering piece looked right with this jersey dress when I tried it on. 2) I couldn’t legitimize $118 for this dress. Maybe in the spring/summer, but alas, not right now. Oh, beautiful dress, I’m so sorry.



What I’ve learned from the Stitch Fix Process

  • Customer service is so important, and Stitch Fix is literally in the business of listening to their customers. I was happy to see that transcend to the feedback of the overall system as well.
  • Brand awareness doesn’t necessarily have to matter, but I’m still a brand junkie. I’ll admit it. I love J.Crew because I can depend on the length of each garment. Stitch Fix showed me that 41Hawthorn- a brand I had never heard of until this process- makes items with longer torso lengths as well.
  • If anything, Stitch Fix makes you think outside of the box and bring a fresh perspective to your wardrobe. From now on, I plan to go to Pinterest and see if I can get inspired for a new look for the holidays!
  • Stitch Fix is great for someone who doesn’t necessarily like to shop. I do, so I don’t necessarily see the value in this as much. 😛
  • At the very least, it’s fun. I looked forward to getting that box every time, and it felt like Christmas each time too.


Want to give it a try yourself? Click here and get started!


Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? What did you think? I’d love to hear from you!

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My Stitch Fix Box #2 Review

Amanda Plazek Stitch Fix Box


It’s here! It’s here! After getting my first Stitch Fix (you can find that review here) I decided to get a second Stitch Fix box, and as soon as possible. After finding two nice pieces in the last box, I was excited to see what else my stylist could come up with after I gave more information on my Pinterest board (which they recommend you doing, so they can get an even better idea of your style).


First impressions:


Amanda Plazek Stitch Fix Box Review 2


  • I love that they gave me more wear-to-work pieces, which I wanted. I also loved the color scheme! I’m really into burgundy (as the rest of the world is, I know…it’s fall) so I was thrilled to see that!
  • I LOVED the immediate look of the two burgundy tops! The sweater had cute, embroidered polka dots and the other wine-colored shirt was made of this swiss dot material. It was right up my alley!
  • I laughed out loud when I looked at the white shirt because my friend (a fellow Stitch Fix lover) was just wearing that shirt when I got home from work and saw it in my own box!


Let’s get down to business, shall we?

[disclaimer: It was dark outside when we took these photos, so forgive the spooky shadows that I cast throughout these photos]


  1. the 41Hawthorn Ribbed Pencil Skirt and 2. the Le Les Faux Wrap Skirt ($48 and $58, respectively)


Listen, I’m not even showing you photos of how these skirts fit because they were scandalously small on me. I would never wear them in public, so they aren’t going on the blog! 😉 Sorry, folks. Verdict: Returning both. 



2. the Daniel Rainn Yolimar Henley Swiss Dot Blouse ($68) 




So this shirt strongly reminded me of the magenta shirt I got in the last Stitch Fix box! It had a very similar length, cut and style. I couldn’t bring myself to keep it, though, as it’s getting chillier where I live and I wouldn’t wear it as much as I would hope to.

It was also when I edited these photos for this blog entry that I realized…I didn’t like the way it fit me from the side.

Confession: I’m very sensitive about the fact that people have been asking me when if I’m pregnant/when I’m going to have a baby. When I have a headache, people ask me if I’m pregnant. When I say that I’m really tired, they ask me if I’ve considered if I’m pregnant. When I’m really hungry, they ask me if I’m eating for two. So if a shirt would potentially give people that impression, it’s not honoring me and how I choose to wear clothes.

"How far along are you?" "Far along enough that I'll tell you to get your own life!"
Verdict: It’s, sadly, going back.



3. 41Hawthorn Tameron Button Down Blouse ($58) 




Okay, so this is the shirt that my friend already owns, so I had already seen it a few times in person. The biggest problem, for me, was how sheer it was! I’m also not a big fan of the double-pocket look on shirts.



Verdict: my friend wears it better, and I’m sending it back! 


5. Renee C Jerri Polka Dot Pullover Sweater ($64) 




Oh, how I wanted this sweater to work. It was so me, in a sweater! I could wear this with a pencil skirt, with dress pants, with my Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants jeans (again, check the previous Stitch Fix box review) . It was so sweet, and the length was great!

But when my [helpful] husband took this picture, I noticed that it was sheer around the top of the sweater. “Maybe it’s the fact that I left my camisole on from the white button-down shirt,” I said. So I changed and took the picture again.

After I changed, my husband said, “…I hate to tell you this, but it’s still sheer up top.”


I actually left this picture as-is because you can see the disappointment on my face. It was adorable!

Verdict: I am, begrudgingly, returning it. 


Total purchases: none. 



Things I’ve learned from the Stitch Fix process so far:

  • There actually are things out there that are long enough for me and my long, Gumby torso and arms. I just have to find the store that suits my body type.
  • The Stitch Fix process really is fun. It’s like Christmas, coming home to a box of clothes that someone else picked out for you! It gave me something to look forward to for several days.
  • It made me re-evaluate my style, which was the biggest thing for me. I’ve been wearing the same outfits for about 5 years now, and it’s nice to freshen up your wardrobe with a few pieces. I re-evaluated my style, though, not from the Stitch Fix boxes themselves, but from surfing Pinterest and finding a few new fall outfits that made me say, “oh my gosh, that’s a great idea!” After seeing a photo like this….

vest-picture…it made me hunt for a look like that of my own! I found a gingham shirt on clearance (which I still think makes me look like a lumberjack). On top of that, I found a great sale & got myself my very own burgundy vest! Listen, I know it may not seem like a big deal, but those two items were enough to keep me looking for new ways to wear my old standard favorites. That alone made Stitch Fix a cool thing to try.


Will I try it again? Honestly, I’m not sure. I get the sense that my style isn’t understood by Stitch Fix and is a little more casual than I would usually wear on a daily basis. Remember: I play for 80+ weddings/year, and all I wear are church-appropriate work clothes! (Or yoga pants, there seems to be no in-between.)


On top of that, the clothes were a little pricey. While 90% of my clothes come from J.Crew (because of the length), I always, always find ways to pay less for my clothes. The price tag on these items just didn’t seem worth it.

So the long and the short of it is….I liked the inspiration and the process, but I’m not sure it’s worth another go.


Have you tried Stitch Fix? Would you give it a try?

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My Top 5 Favorite Beauty Products of All-Time

My name is Amanda, and I am a makeupaholic.


It’s true.


Everyone has their vices, and mine is makeup. I just love it. From the color to the shimmer to the way it highlights my natural beauty, I just can’t get enough!


Recently I decided to share my top 5 beauty products of all-time. Need some inspiration for your next buy? Check it out here:


What are your favorite beauty products that you can’t live without? I love getting new ideas for products! Contact me and tell me or comment below!

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Paraben-Free Living: Cosmetics

Over the past two years I’ve noticed an increase in paraben use.

I had an experience where I found parabens in my corn tortillas from Aldi (which you can read about here). The sole fact that they were in my food was a red flag to me.

After my dad told me to quickly stop using shampoos with parabens (because they are linked to breast cancer), I thought to myself- what the heck is a paraben?! 


For the non-scientific mind like me, parabens are preservatives found in many health and beauty products. They are cheap to produce and work most effectively when compared to natural alternatives.

However, they have been linked to breast cancer (as using them via shampoo/body wash exposes your glands to them) and are a small way I want to control what I put on my body. After switching over to The Honest Company’s natural deodorant for the same reason, eliminating parabens has been a new goal for me.


*Disclaimer: any of the products I mention below come purely from experience. I don’t get paid to say any of this stuff!*


Here are a few of my favorite paraben-free products for cosmetics:


Yes to Carrots’s CC cream 





I bought this natural CC cream at my local target and have been using it through spring and early summer. While I’m not sure this is the best option in terms of coverage and weight on the face (it feels a little sticky/heavy), it’s very to easy to purchase, since it’s being sold in Targets across the country. This one isn’t a winner for me, but I’m using it up for the time being.


Beauticontrol’s Tight, Firm & Fill Rengeration Foundation 


Source: me!

Source: me!


I’ve been using this foundation for about 3 months now and I really like the coverage it gives me! It’s not too heavy and evens out my skin tone. From what I’ve researched on their website, this product is paraben-free as well.


Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush 





I used to be a religious user of NARS blush, but decided to give this Tarte one a try. This blush stays put and adds such a cheerful glow to my face while also being paraben-free. A big perk of the Tarte Cosmetic company is that they make all of their cosmetics without parabens. Finding a company that supports my efforts, across the board, is just the cherry on top. This blush will last you for 12-18 months with daily use, and I LOVE it. I use “empowered” every day. This one’s a winner!



Tarte Skinny SmolderEYES eye liner




One of the things I hate is when eyeliners tug at my eyes. It feels as if I’m using a real pencil on my eyes to put eyeliner on! Thankfully Tarte’s amazonian clay eyeliner (smolderEYES) does not feel that way. While it’s a pain to use an eye pencil sharpener every time I need to sharpen it, it’s worth it. Also paraben-free. Yay!



It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil




Finally…a brow pencil I can use. It’s like a brow pencil with training wheels. It gradually builds in color so it doesn’t give you eyebrows that look like you’re 86 and named Marilyn all in one fell swoop. Plus it’s paraben free! It’s a winner.


Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment




Oh my, what a wonderful lip balm. This silky-smooth lip treatment may be pricey (they are $22.50 a pop!), I use this as a treat on most days. Of course, being paraben-free is a plus. Just…don’t leave it in your car. They tend to get melty when exposed to summer heat car temperatures. Learn from my mistake on this one!



EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm 




These little lip balms have been popping up in every major retail store over the past 2 years, and they are popular for good reason: excellent product placement (at the cashier’s register line), affordability, and very natural ingredients. For 3 bucks you can get this paraben-free goodness- I have these all over my house!


Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray 






This one is a BIG winner for me. Not only is this setting spray paraben-free but it absolutely works. I spray this stuff on my face after I do my makeup and I can finish a 60-minute P90X group class with my face intact. While it may not seem like a worthwhile investment, a bottle of this will easily last you 9-12 months of regular use. This one’s a winner!






Looking forward, I want to find some paraben-free options for:

lip glosses/lipsticks



and- the big kahuna- eyeshadow primer. I don’t know if my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer is paraben-free. WAHHHH! 🙁



Do you have any paraben-free makeup suggestions? Do you try and eliminate parabens from your beauty routine?

Share this blog post with anyone who you think would benefit from it!


In peace & health,

Amanda & the fit family

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BONUS POST: I HIGHLY recommend….

Are you getting jaw surgery soon? I STRONGLY recommend picking up a few of these vintage v-neck tees from Old Navy. The women’s versions are wide enough to gently stretch over your mouth and face, thus making for an easy transition from shirt to shirt during your peak swelling times. Plus they are affordable enough to pick up a few (and toss ’em if they get too grimy during the post-op healing process).

Find the link here:

I am so glad I had a few on hand and hope you will too 🙂