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Well, Hello! It’s Been Awhile….

To my Gluten-Free Advocates: Hello! It’s been awhile since I gave you recipes, reviews, and lots of gluten free love.


What has she been doing for the past month?…

-I joined a Challenge Group. For 30 days, I challenged myself to push through my fitness goals and become much stronger. I did just that. I am amazed at how much I’ve grown in 30 days. I never would have thought that I would be this in shape before! * note: I’m starting another Challenge group to “Spring into Fitness!”. The group begins March 11. Comment on this post if you want details on how to join!

-I had a lot of work committments. Major changes happened at my job, resulting in me working more hours than usual (and, thus, having less time to write for you, my wonderful readers). However, an equilibrium is being established once more, and I will be back to my normal work schedule.

-I’m about to run a 5k. I should get one of those crafty kits and mold my hand into a heart-shaped clay scultpure, inscribed “Baby’s First 5k”. I know, for many, many people, a 5k is no big deal. And, yes, I ran over 5k consecutively at the gym today (woo!). But that’s in a gym. I’m intimidated to run outside. I know, it sounds silly, but I find running outside to be a new challenge in itself: the hills, the temperature, the inclimate weather…. and so I am concerned. We’ll see how it goes.

-I have been eating healthily. (For the most part.) Have you?


New recipes and reviews start tomorrow, folks. Get ready, I’m back. 🙂


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This is a shameless plug to attract your attention to my Instagram account, Glutenfreeadvocate. You can search for me on the app and follow my attempts at artful picture taking.

Let me know if you have an account and I’ll follow you too!

Posted on January 27, 2013

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The Celiac Awareness Tour’s Kick-off: Pittsburgh!

Exactly one week from today, I will be at the Celiac Awareness Tour’s kickoff in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The event will be at the Doubletree Hotel in Monroeville (not the Monroeville convention center) and will be from 9 am-2 pm next Saturday, January 26, 2013. There will be many guest speakers/clinicians there as well as different gluten-free brands, including Triumph Dining (a product review of theirs is already coming up), Udi’s Gluten Free, Enjoy Life, Blue Diamonds, and Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery, just to name a few. There will be free samples, live cooking demonstrations, and other fun goodies throughout the morning and afternoon.

Registration ahead of time is $9 with a $1.54 processing fee. $10 for a gluten-free event is fine with me! I can’t wait!


For more information, follow the yellow brick road to the link below:

Register for the event here!



Have you ever been to any of the Celiac Awareness Tour before? Why don’t you check it out and see if it’s coming to a city near you? Any Pittsburgh people- are you coming with me? 🙂


Happy weekend, GFAs!