Openness for the Journey

I’ve really struggled to consistently blog lately. Honestly, other than my jaw surgery followers (who are awesome, by the way!), I’m not sure who actually reads my posts consistently! But I’ve decided that my 2018 focus will be “openness”, in whatever form that takes: openness to the journey that lies ahead of me, especially this year.


Openness does not come easily to me. I’m a creature of habit, and I like things the way they always are. When I go to a restaurant, I don’t usually deviate from the meal I know I already like. “I know that it’s good. Why try anything else?” I say to my husband.

I also struggle with openness in friendships and relationships, as I feel very different than my peers. (I always have!) Growing up with two church jobs at 16 means that I couldn’t do things on a whim on the weekends. I had church jobs that I couldn’t “call off” for. I the only thing I could feel as a “call” was the call to ministry.

And so very often I feel misunderstood by those who don’t work in a church setting. “Yes, I’m tired because I worked all weekend. All weekend. A marathon of back-to-back funerals, weddings, masses, and meetings.” Ministry is so “soul-draining” at times.


I’ve grown weary, and so as I looked at 2018, I examined what I wanted to bring to this year. The word “openness” kept coming to mind. And so here are just a few of the ways I’m staying open as we begin to journey this year:


  1. I’m open to the best nutrition possible for my body. Every single person is different, and so I’m following a 12-week educational course on finding the best course of nutrition for yourself. It’s been a challenge but I’m really enjoying it! I haven’t been perfect but it’s been very enlightening.
  2. I’m staying open to the potential job changes that I might face this year. I’m listening to “Trade Your Cares for Calm” (Max Lucado) at the moment as I drive. It’s like comfort food for the soul.
    I’m also reading “Wait and See: Finding Peace in God’s Promises and Plans” (Wendy Pope)

  3. I’m doing silly things like grabbing books at the library that I usually wouldn’t read. I also used my Christmas money to get a subscription to Rosetta Stone. I’m using that openness to get my Polish up to where it used to be! (Uczę się mowić po Polsku!)
  4. I’m forcefully plowing towards our goal of being debt-free this year. (Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dave Ramsey!) Staying open and trusting that the finish line is near!
  5. I’m living my truth, as unabashedly as I can. I’m a musician who loves health & wellness, and I love fusing the two worlds together when I can.



Also, I’m staying open to sharing as many photos of my dog, Cooper, as I can. Because, really, that has brought so much openness and change to my life over the past 8 months. He turns 1 next month, so get ready for that onslaught of photos….


Cooper reading Kafka


Cooper loves the snow, but doesn’t necessarily like the gear that comes with it



I don’t know if you’re a New Years Resolution-type person, but hey, if you needed a fresh start, 2018 seems like a pretty good opportunity…Here’s hoping you stay open to whatever you need most!



In peace & good health,