What’s On My Plate? [week of Nov. 1]

It’s been an exciting fall for my household: we bought a house, we moved, and now we are amping up for Christmas (i.e. my most stressful time of the year in my job)! I don’t know if it’s the residual stress from the insane past few months, but my body has been feeling like it’s coming off of the rails.


    • I’m having headache/shoulder problems off and on, and it has me scared to exercise too rigorously. So I’m either doing yoga or nothing at all, until my new kickboxing program arrives in the mail next week.
    • I woke up in the middle of the night with some freaky digestive issues, which never happens to me. (Over the past few years, I don’t have trouble sleeping.) It inspired me to go very back to basics with my nutrition: plenty of probiotics; no unnatural sugar (sorry, Halloween candy); lots and lots of vegetables; and “light” protein (i.e. lean protein, eggs, and/or plant-based protein). Add a lot of water to that equation, and I’m feeling better already! (side note: I’m also seeing my stomach flatten out again after a few weeks of junkier eating!)
      Here’s my video sharing my “healing from the inside out”:

  • I’ve been reflecting on the fact that it’s November, and we struggle, as a society, to express gratitude on a regular basis. We tend to focus on the negative, not the positive. And so I’ve decided to create a 3-week gratitude challenge throughout the month of November!
    Here’s my live video from last night sharing my plan (and why I am choosing to do it now):

  • My next Stitch Fix box is coming today and I can barely contain my excitement! I almost cancelled after box #1 (which you can find by clicking here) but I decided to give it another go. Can’t wait to make my next unboxing and share what’s inside!

And now, I’m off to tackle the day ahead. Water, coffee, and probiotics in hand. 😉 Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!


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