What’s for Lunch? Creative (and Healthy) Lunch Ideas for the Busiest of People

Amanda Plazek Creative and Healthy Lunch Ideas


I’m a busy person.


I know, I know, everyone is busy, but there are essentially zero days when I sit down for lunch. When I do, I’m eating as I work.


I teach fitness classes during my lunch breaks, and eat while answering phone calls and emails as I’m back at my desk.


If I’m not at work, I’m driving over an hour, out of state, to go to graduate school. As a result, I must eat in my car. It’s non-negotiable.


So when people say that they are too busy to make a healthy lunch, I say, “nope! You can do it. Believe me.


So today’s blog talks about the bare-bones, simplest ways to eat “fast food” for lunch. And it’s not what you think. 😉


My “fast food” are the things that are healthy, cost-effective, and easily stored in a mini-fridge (if at all). These are the things I eat, week after week, that keep me from going through that tantalizing Chik-fil-A drive-through on the interstate. Damn that thing.



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From the top, clockwise:

1. Mini cheeses. I like Babybel cheese, but whatever floats your boat. These things come in their own wax encasement, making them perfect for eating on-the-go. I grab two and keep them in my fridge.


2. Individual packets of peanut butter. These are gold when it comes to traveling. I actually brought a pack of 6 with me to Europe this summer! It gives you healthy fats and can easily be dipped with…….


3. An apple. Ah, my favorite “fast food” fruit. I don’t typically cut it up, but when I do, it’s to dip in those little peanut butter packs. as I mention in my video about healthy grocery shopping,  I mentioned that apples are one of the only things I really do stick to buying Organic (because of the amount of pesticides that stick to an apple’s skin). Apples are so easy to grab and go!


4. Nuts. Easy as that. Peanuts, almonds, and pecans are the nuts I have on hand at all times. I put a handful of these in a Ziploc bag and I’m good to go. Believe it or not, your brain needs healthy fat to function. Not to mention that you will stay fuller, longer with healthy fats included in a meal. (True story! Not all “fat” is bad!)


5. SkinnyPop Popcorn bagsWhile it’s cheaper to buy a big bag of this non-GMO, gluten-free popcorn, I love to go to my wholesale retailer and get a box of individual bags. They are the appropriate serving size (although I’d like to eat 6 at a time) and are very easy to keep in my car for those hangry moments. I know we all don’t get hangry…right? 😉 These SkinnyPop individual bags are some of my easiest go-to snacks.


6. Shakeology. This is my superfood, whole-foods drink that has never left my side for 4 years. I can say, with full confidence, that it’s helped me get to where I am today on my fitness/wellness journey. At $3/serving, it’s cheaper than any healthy, full meal I could get on the road. (Believe me, I’ve tried. I got a salad at Panera and it was $9! Triple the cost of my Shakeology. Sheesh.) Shakeology is best when blended, but I shake it with water or almond milk if I’m on-the-go.


7. Greek Yogurt. I was so anti-Greek yogurt when I started this journey! Ha! But the protein in Greek yogurt has kept me on the healthy train when I forgot my lunch at home…which happens more than I’d care to admit. (What can I say? My mind is always in seven different directions!)



NOTE: most of these options are “snackable”! Snacks are not taboo in my book, especially if you’re too busy to sit down for a formal lunch. I personally believe that snacking on healthy options throughout the day will prevent you from grabbing that last chunk of cake in the staff break room.


Anyways, these are my best suggestions for healthy lunches on-the-go. All of these options keep me on the healthy track. They are cost-effective, and are tried, tested and true.


What are some of your best suggestions for healthy lunches? Share them below!

Know someone who would like these healthy lunch suggestions? Feel free to share this blog post. Pay it forward!


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