“Is This Real Life?”: My Diamond Leadership Retreat

Last week I went to Orlando, Florida and attended something called “the Diamond Leadership Retreat”. Essentially, I qualified for an outrageous, fantastic retreat after my efforts as a coach. Be prepared- it was amazing, and the photos barely do it justice!



Can you see me?! :) The Wall of Fame!

Can you see me?! 🙂 The Wall of Fame!


From the moment we walked into this million-dollar mansion, we were showered with gifts, mentoring, training, a private yoga instructor, professional hair and makeup artists, and a professional photographer taking headshots and photos along the way.
Seriously. Is this real life?

Say cheese! That's me! :)

Say cheese! That’s me! 🙂



You might be thinking, “What in the world does she do that she gets to go to something ridiculous like this?!” and sometimes I think the same thing. 🙂
My next post will be all about a day in the life of my Beachbody Coaching lifestyle, but for now, let me say this:

I am just a normal person who decided to go for it. I became a coach in January 2013 and had NO idea what I was doing. I told no one that I was a coach for at least 6 months because I was terrified of what people would think of me. I’m a musician by day. I imagined people saying, “what does she know about health and fitness?”


But the truth is, everyone needs a tribe of people to support them through this life. We aren’t made to shrivel up and “survive” the day-to-day life. We are made to thrive. We are made to grow and expand and help others so that we leave this life better than when we arrived here.


I earned this trip because I put my excuses aside and decided to help others. End of story. I run a business where I share my journey, good and bad, on the goal to a well-lived life. We have a fantastic team of other coaches, and I’m grateful to have each and every one of them.

Just a portion of fabulous ladies on our team!

Just a portion of fabulous ladies on our team!



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