Embracing Uniqueness [the crowds are too boring anyway]

fit in stand out fb pic_8-15-16


I came across this picture recently and I think it SO represents how I feel about my life in so many ways.

I really never felt like I’ve fit in fully.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always really liked myself and who I’ve become, but I consistently felt like that “square peg in a round hole”.

*In high school, my friends teased me about the way I dressed- not in a malicious way, but when the rest of the world was wearing Hollister and Abercrombie, I was wearing cardigans, navy blue keds, and pearls.

*I picked a musical career that very few follow, and my hours are essentially the opposite of the rest of society. When everyone gets to go to weekend football games, pumpkin patches, and social events, I work.
Every weekend.
When families get together for Christmas Eve or Easter or New Year’s, I’m working. (Disclaimer- I know I’m not the only one!)

*When my peers were partying, I stayed in. While they went to bars, I was either working or preferred to not expose myself to the noise and smoke. (I’m more of an introvert than many may think!)

*When it came to ATHLETICS….I felt like a real-life version of Gumby when it came to exercising at first. I was uncoordinated, my limbs were flailing, and I seemed to be a beat behind.

But I’ve learned….if I was born to live like this, why feel like I have to fit in? Why not just STAND OUT and be okay with that?

And so as I push forward, I’m going to dig my (magenta) heels into my work and LEAN INTO the things that make me unique instead of apologizing for them.

We ALL have that “special sauce” that makes us so unique if we stop trying to mask it.

So my call to action for you fierce ladies reading this today is this:

Don’t ever dull that sparkle of yours. You bring something entirely unique to this world that NO ONE else can do. <3

in peace and good health signature