What’s On Your Plate?

I want to start doing a consistent post called “What’s On Your Plate?”

This will cover not only the foods I am eating, but also the obstacles I’m facing on my wellness journey. And so we begin!

Healthy for body: Grilled Parmesan asparagus & garlic mushrooms


So easy. So good.

So easy. So good.


Some of my favorite foods are Parmesan asparagus and mushrooms. It’s gotten sunny and warm where I live (hello, spring!) so I decided to fire up the ol’ grill. I oiled the veggies, salted them and put garlic powder on them.  I put the mushrooms in this grilling basket that I bought for under $20 at the Home Depot (here it is on Amazon) and I put the asparagus right on the grill. I cooked them for a few minutes until they were burned to my liking (I like a little char!). After removing the asparagus, I drizzled some grated Parmesan on the asparagus and covered them with foil to melt. Voila. So delicious.



Healthy for mind…sort of: my birthday cake made out of macaroons!


I have the best mom ever!

I have the best mom ever!


I am all about balance, especially when it’s your birthday week. My mom struggled with how to give me a gluten-free dessert for my birthday, and I think this was easily the best birthday cake I’ve received. They were unbelievable, and I got to take 50% of them home with me. I ate one as I wrote this blog entry. 🙂


Healthy for soul: my coaches’ team retreat 


Just a portion of fabulous ladies on our team!

Just a portion of fabulous ladies on our team!



The life of a #girlboss: pumps, laptop & goals to crush.

The life of a #girlboss: pumps, laptop & goals to crush.



I hosted a team retreat for some of the leaders on our team and it. was. incredible! We rented an entire house in the woods for us to re-connect and re-focus. (We also had some fabulous photos taken by a professional photographer!)


You see, our missions are all slightly different, and yet the same:

make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Help women find a healthy mindset and take care of themselves.

Help others while helping themselves stay accountable to their wellness goals.

Create financial freedom for the futures we want, for the families we hope for, and for the life we choose to lead by design.


It was wonderful to spend the weekend with such positive people. The world tends to bring us down too much. We need positive friends more than we think.

[for more info on how to join our team as a wellness coach, check out my coaching Q&A and how to apply for our upcoming apprenticeship training!]

And that’s a wrap! What’s on YOUR plate today?


In peace & good health,

Amanda & the fit family

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