Health in the time of Chaos: What I do during an insane week

Do you ever have that week that seems like one long, relentless day? Last week was the week for me. I was in charge of a 5-day symposium where local universities, schools, and churches are all involved. It’s been really fun (and very rewarding), but it’s been a lot of preparatory work. I’ve compared it to the week of my wedding: lots of details, last-minute preparations, and multiple trips to Target. 😛


Yesterday was the worst. I clocked 6 miles of walking (in heeled boots!), over 14,000 steps and lots of calories burned……with almost no meals actually eaten at a table. Or on a plate, for that matter. I can imagine I’m not the only one!





In the past, have you said, “I can’t eat healthy because I’m too busy.” ? Do you think you don’t have time to eat healthy? BELIEVE ME when I say that it’s possible! At this point in my career, I eat 50% of my meals in my car. I’m not proud of it, but that’s the way my life is right now. For this reason, I want to walk you through a day of my eating to show you my strengths, weaknesses and everything in-between.


A completely on-the-go day


-Shakeology blended with almond milk, ice, and 2 cups spinach



-2 dried fruit leather pieces from Aldi’s (because the Greek yogurt I had in my mini-fridge was expired. Drat.)


Early lunch:

-3 eggs, eaten standing up


Afternoon snack:

-Greek yogurt; an apple; 2 triangles of Laughing Cow swiss cheese; some gluten-free pretzels


Dinner: (Ah, finally! My first meal sitting down!)

Out to dinner for a big, important evening.

-Pear & arugula salad with craisins and goat cheese + grilled chicken….and french fries (GASP!)



Takeaways: Strengths

  • I kept to healthy foods overall. I didn’t even have time to eat them at a table, but most of them
  • I got 2 servings of vegetables in (plus the other immense superfood amounts) through Shakeology for breakfast



Takeaways: Weaknesses

  • I didn’t drink enough water!! This one is critical (and not indicated above).
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, I ate french fries. So what. I had walked so much (and ate so little) yesterday that I needed a carbohydrate…and there was no other carbohydrate on the menu that I could eat (gluten-free, hello!). In a stressful week like this, I need to be grateful for any positive choice that I make…..and forgive the things in-between


What to do next: how to bounce back

I feel like I could write an entire blog entry on this one! But you can do a few things:

  • Declare a new day…as a new day. No negative decisions follow you into a new day. You begin fresh.
  • Drink plenty of water. Your body needs it like your car needs oil.
  • Sleep, dear LORD, sleep! The newest episodes on Netflix can wait until the insanity settles down.
  • Listen to personal development audio in your car. This does me much more good than listening to that same Katy Perry pop song 1,000 more times on the radio.
  • Bring snacks wherever you go. Bring Shakeology in the car and shake it up on-the-go. Take almonds and apples and anything that’s portable. “busy” shouldn’t mean starving yourself.





Keep on moving, keep on going. Even if means you’re crawling into bed at night, too exhausted to even pull the covers over your legs…it means you’re kicking butt at something. My next chapter would be: “Are you working smarter, or just harder?” But that’s for another day. 😉


In peace & good health,


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