My Big Announcement: Europe 2016!

Today I’m thrilled to make a big announcement! I share this absolutely not to brag, but to inspire others to DREAM BIG too.
I hope it speaks to your heart, your dreams, and your future.

I LOVE to travel. Long before I heard of Beachbody, God gave me the opportunity to travel to Germany to see Pope Benedict XVI, with a trip that can only be described as life-changing.

I’ve been blessed to see churches of the world and play church organs in famous cathedrals.

But our lives are changing. Our financial landscape is shifting towards the future: our wedding, our debt-free goals, our future home….the list goes on.

And while these goals are wonderful and bring new adventures, they don’t leave as much room for travel as I had hoped.

But one of the things I love about my husband is that he loves to travel as much as I do. So when we were making our vision board for 2015 (yes, that’s a thing we do), I put “Europe Trip” on there….and see if God was willing to bring it into our life.

And so, with an overflowing, grateful heart, I’m excited to share that my husband and I are taking a fully-paid trip to Belgium, France AND Switzerland this spring!!

On top of that, it is 100% being paid by our Beachbody coaching business income!!

I can honestly say that we wouldn’t be able to take this trip without it.

We’ve worked tirelessly to build our business, and now the seeds of our dreams are growing and blessing us beyond what I had originally imagined.

I don’t know how I got so blessed that I get to breathe self-love and positivity into women’s lives, and get paid for it. It’s overwhelmingly wonderful.

I didn’t know if this would happen.
I doubt my dreams sometimes too.
But I’ve learned that the only limitations on our dreams are the ones we place on ourselves.

And so, I say to you: if something tugs at your heart, give it a try.
Go after it.

Dream, grow and GO towards what you want.

No one else will do it for you! is headed to Europe!


PS. what are your dreams? Is coaching something that you’ve been considering? reach out to me at and let’s talk!



[Disclaimer: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill!]

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