What Is the 21 Day Fix?

Lately a lot of people have been asking me about what this craze, the “21 Day Fix”, is all about.

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As you might have read before, I was the first person to be skeptical about it. I mean, you put your food in these teeny-looking containers! I am not about depriving yourself, and that’s exactly what this looked like.


THESE containers? no way, Jose. They are too small! Right?...

THESE containers? no way, Jose. They are too small! Right?…



But I learned that the 21 Day Fix caters to who you are: Man, woman; office worker to dance instructor; already healthy and fit to starting on their “Day 1” of their healthy journey….whatever it is, the 21 Day Fix customizes to you.


On top of that, the containers are portion control assistance, giving you multiple containers of each color per day. As a matter of fact, you eat a LOT on the 21 Day Fix plan. I know it doesn’t look like it, but it’s true!


Overall, the nutrition plan of the 21 Day Fix is to feed your body with the right combination of fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats (yes, that is a thing!). Spoiler alert: this isn’t the keto diet, this isn’t Atkins….this is normal and human. It even allots for wine and chocolate (hallelujah)!


The other half of the 21 Day Fix are these 30-minute workouts that you do with minimal-to-no equipment, from home. Again, I was a skeptic. (What in the world was wrong with me? haha) As being someone who had been working out for awhile, I didn’t think that the 21 Day Fix would be challenging enough for me. Autumn Calabrese, the pillow-mint-sized trainer that tells you to jump higher and run faster, didn’t seem like too much of a threat for my already-trained-body. Right?


WRONG.  big time!

Autumn Calabrese. Who knew 30 minutes could be so tough.

Autumn Calabrese. Who knew 30 minutes could be so tough.


Each day has a different style of exercise, from lower body to cardio to pilates to yoga. Your body keeps guessing (i.e. “muscle confusion”), which results in a more efficient metabolism overall.


So with the nutrition plan and exercise calendar, your body is getting a 1-2 punch of nourishment. You may be sore at first, but by the end, you’ll be much stronger. What you’re doing is feeding your body the nutrition it needs, with exercise moves to develop muscle and burn the high-octane fuel you’re feeding it.





In a nutshell, that’s it!

Does the 21 Day Fix sound like something you’d be interested in? How did my 21 Day Fix review help you?

Reach out to me and I’d love to help get you started!


Have a healthy week, everyone!

In peace & health,

Amanda & the Fit Family


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