Can Fitting in Fitness Be Fun?!

When people say “I’m really busy”, I struggle with finding too much sympathy for them. What I really hear underneath the surface is “I just don’t make it a priority.” Now, I don’t say this as a blanket statement for everyone, as I know that people have exceptionally difficult points in their lives, but I know that it’s very easy to continue on the excuse train for longer than we may admit.

I currently work six part-time jobs and still fit in time to work out and be a fitness coach. Is it time-consuming? Absolutely. Does it make me insanely busy and obsessive about keeping my day planner next to me at all times? Why yes, it does.

Is it fun?
I have found that when I make my health a priority, a lot of other things fall into line. For example, I worked out with my husband last Saturday morning. He wanted to do Body Beast Cardio and I wanted to do P90X. We figured out that, instead of killing 45 minutes watching television on a Saturday morning, we worked really hard and had an incredible amount of energy for our day! I showered and immediately went straight to work. Was I busy on Saturday? Yes. Did I work out? Yes. Did it make me feel better? Yes!!

How could fitting in fitness be fun, you ask?
1. Find your fitness soulmate. If you don’t like running, don’t run! If you don’t like to lift weights so much, then don’t lift weights. If you like to feel like you’re dancing the whole time, then dance the weight off! Do whatever you will want to do almost every single day, and don’t settle for anything less. This is the most important thing. Find something that you like to do!

2. Find a way to commit. Do you like to work out with another person? Then make sure you have that person know your goals for accountability and support. Do you like to jump around in your living room alone? Then make sure you set a calendar alert on your cell phone and stick to it. Does your fitness program come with a schedule for a variety of workouts? Stick to that calendar 100%.

3. Don’t quit on yourself. Just because you’re out of shape doesn’t mean it will always be this difficult. The hardest thing to do is to establish new habits that counteract habits you have subconsciously maintained for years. You must push play on that DVD player every single day and do not quit on the process!

4. Celebrate the victory! REAL healthy habits equal REAL RESULTS! This isn’t rocket science! I’m not trying to sell you some get-thin-quick program. This is a lifestyle change that will continue to reward you! Imagine not being concerned about how you will fit into your winter clothes. Imagine knowing already that your bathing suit will fit just as it did last year.Could you put a price tag on that feeling? Investing in a fitness program that works for 100% of you is like investing in your future. It really is. You are investing in your health, which will mean a healthier, happier, longer life with the people you love. Can you put a price tag on that?

5. Do it today. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Just go run around the block. Buy that fitness program that you saw on a Sunday morning infomercial. Just start for yourself.

And on that note, I must go press play and jump around in my living room. 🙂 Go out there and make this fun!

Just start!

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