3 Years Healthier: A Letter to My Former Self

3 years of being healthy



Dear Amanda,

Today you are 3 years healthier.

You decided, on October 1, 2012, that you would finally make a change. “Everyone has a ‘Day 1’,” you said. “Today will be mine.”


It’s been 3 years, and you’ve learned a lot.


You learned that 2 Lean Cuisines do not make a healthy lunch.

You learned that running on the treadmill, day in and day out, is boring and does not automatically mean “fit” and “healthy”‘.


You’ve tried different things, attended different fitness classes, and have gone out of your comfort zone so many times,  I’ve lost count. But you’ve found things that you like to do, and you’ve stuck with them.


You are a group fitness instructor now! People love to attend your classes, and you do fitness that’s actually fun. (Yeah, that can actually happen!)


amanda plazek, group fitness instructor



You work with people across the United States and Canada. You help them find self-love and motivation to make a change, from their own kitchens and living rooms. You’ve taught others that you can get in shape with just 30 minutes/day, in your own home. And that’s pretty cool. 🙂


You have made so many new, positive friends. They encourage you and want you to become the finest, most amazing version of yourself that you can be. They are your coaches and challengers.


I love our team!

I love our team!

group pic post super workout with watermark_jul 2015










Sure, there were times when you didn’t stay on the wagon. so what? The old “you” would have quit and never tried again.


But you’re better than that now.

You’re stronger than that now.


I can’t tell you how many days or weeks you’ve added to your life because of your work over these past 3 years, but I can tell you already that your quality of life is higher, finer, and happier.



Don’t stop being the sarcastic, hard-working, motivating leader that you are.

Keep shining bright for others.


In peace & health,


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