Mind, Body, Sanity: Working Hard and Creating a Balance

Is it time for a change?

Is it time for a change?


Do you ever feel overwhelmed at the amount of stress life has thrown at you?

I don’t know about you, but I sure feel like that.

I’m Amanda, and I’m a workaholic. I’ll openly share that with you. This could probably still be reflected in the fact that I currently have 6 different places where I work (yes, 6 different jobs), but it’s always been in my nature to work as hard as I can.

But it really can take a toll on you. I’ve dealt with mental burnout at least once. I struggled with a time during college when every single minute was scheduled for me, from about 6:30 am onward to about midnight, every day of the week. I had no days off in college because, as a church organist, I work all weekend (I still do).

My workaholism was getting the best of me, and I had to go to therapy for several months in order to retreat back into my mind and think, “what do I need to do to take care of me?”

It started with something simple. I got a Starbucks drink, once a week. That’s all I had time for, and I looked forward to it all week.

Then, when things got one notch “calmer”, I got to watch an episode of a TV show once a week. To the average person, this may sound small, but this was a mind-saver. I needed a mental decompression (and we all do).


Fast forward 6 years to the present…and I still struggle with taking time for myself. I preach every single day that it’s important, but it’s still an ever-present reality for me. Stress is absolutely a part of my day-to-day life.


But thanks to countless hours of personal development, I’ve learned some basic steps to keep the calm, find the positivity inside of me and navigate how to put my oxygen mask on before helping others.

It’s not easy, but it’s something that I think we need to talk more openly about in this day and age.


Which is what I want to bring to you, my followers.

I have created a style of group that will focus on you, with just a little bit of time each day. We will use a small, close-knit community known as our team (!!!) to support each other, be positive influences, and keep each other accountable during this challenge.


I love our team!

I love our team!


Do you want to dance the stress away and bring more positivity into your life?

Do you want to dance the stress away and bring more positivity into your life?


For more information or how to apply, check out http://bit.ly/thefitfamilydance15 !


You deserve to be in good health. Do you know that?

In peace & health,

Amanda & the Fit Family

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