9 days coffee-free: I’m almost there!!

I can officially say that I’m 9 days coffee-free! Here are the things I’ve noticed throughout the day:

  • I don’t crave coffee anymore. Don’t get me wrong- I could go for a cup and I love the taste & smell, but I don’t need it to survive in the morning. I’ve been drinking either some chai tea or water in the mornings and it has been going well.
  • I’ve definitely had some days where I think I was detoxing from coffee. I felt exhausted to the core, and I needed the Focused Energy Shakeology Boost. But overall, life really can go on without my cup o’ Joe. 😉
  • I don’t feel shaky like I used to. Anytime I have the Focused Energy or green tea in the morning, I feel “shaky” and get concerned about eating enough food. However, my days have been pretty even, energy-wise! This coffee-free, low- to no-sugar life might be boring, but boy, does my mind feel clear.
  • I had a few caffeine withdrawal headaches. They weren’t fun. But I’m glad they are over.



So overall, I’ve listened to how my body reacts. While coffee is supposed to bring you antioxidants and speed up your metabolism, I just don’t think it’s my cup of tea at this point in my life. Partially, because it’s not a cup of tea! Ha ha, I jest, I jest……

At this point, I don’t plan on going back to drinking coffee. I just feel too good without it. I’ll stick to my tea and water for now and keep on keeping on.

My quest for better health continues!

In peace & health,
Amanda & the fit family

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