Days 3 and 4 coffee-free: “I feel like there is lead in my limbs.”

Sunday marked day 3 of my coffee-free streak and that was absolutely the worst day so far. Sundays typically drain the life out of me, and Sunday was no exception.


I worked through the morning and felt okay…until I spent the afternoon in the car while my husband drove. It was almost like I was jetlagged. I fell asleep sitting up multiple times, and had to nap around 5:30 pm before heading out again!

Now, I know that this extreme tiredness could be from my exhausting work weekend in the heat, but I definitely think that my coffee/high caffeine withdrawal had finally reared its ugly, tired head.


Monday (i.e. day 4) was much easier to handle, despite the fact that it was an equally exhausting day. I’ve only been drinking low-caffeine chai tea or green tea, keeping the caffeine low (and more of a morning habit).


This has been the only caffeine I’ve been drinking (no soda, etc). I’m noticing that, overall, I don’t really need it throughout my day. I know that sounds contradictory from day #3 above, but if I am feeling tired, I drink water and get something to eat.

I’ve noticed one other strange thing: I used to habitually yawn for no reason throughout my day. Teachers used to comment that I seemed tired all of the time, and yet I felt awake as I did it. I’ve noticed that since I stopped drinking coffee, I stopped yawning all of the time! The only other time I’ve experienced this was when I did the 3-day Refresh (a gentle, plant-based, food detox)…which was when, you guessed it, I stopped drinking coffee for 3 days. Hm!



I’m almost halfway to my 10-day streak! Will I go back to coffee after this challenge? We’ll see!

In peace & health,

Amanda & the Fit Family

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