Day 1 without Coffee: I Survived!

I finished day 1 without coffee and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

I struggled with getting up but had some green tea instead, knowing I could make more tea (even more heavily-caffeinated, if I need it) later in the morning.

My “shakiness” was gone during the morning, which was a huge relief!

Ideally, I wanted to try my Shakeology Boost in the morning instead of green tea, but the Fedex delivery person hadn’t arrived yet.


So I decided to take a scoop in my Shakeology in the afternoon. This….may or may not have been a good idea post-workout, because within 20-30 minutes, I felt like I was bouncing off of the walls. I think it might have been too much caffeine- I don’t need a whole scoop/serving!


As a result, however, I cleaned the first and second bedroom, the bathroom, and tidied up the living room and dining room. So I would definitely say it gave me focused energy. HA!


Don't worry, the Shakeology Boost doesn't make your shake green. I made it with Greenberry Shakeology.

Don’t worry, the Shakeology Boost doesn’t make your shake green. I made it with Greenberry Shakeology.



Day 2’s goals:

-Try the day without any Shakeology Boost, only green tea if needed

-Meal prep like a champ. Food is fuel, and if I want to feel good on this 10-day no-coffee challenge, I need to make sure I give my body some high-octane fuel!