1 week post-hypoglycemia: Trial, Error, Sugar

It’s been a week since I had my first serious sugar crash, and I’ve been a little nervous ever since. “What if it will happen to me again in a crucial moment?” I keep asking myself. For this reason, I’ve kept Kind bars, Kind granola and Clif bars by my side (as they are all low glycemic).


I’ve also transitioned over to plain Greek yogurt, which used to disgust me (it tastes so plain!). Now I put one of my fruit servings into my Greek yogurt as I eat it, and it’s not too bad! Just another way to keep my sugar low!


I’m actually wondering these days if my morning headaches have come from the sugar found in alcohol/late night sugary snacks. Ever since I really watched my sugar count, my headaches have been little to none! As a matter of fact, I fell asleep early and woke up refreshed all weekend. 6 am wasn’t a scary hour for me anymore!



Sugar….really seems to be at the root of so many problems in America today.

After watching the documentary “Fed Up” (which I strongly recommend for anyone- go check it out, it’s on Netflix), I’ve realized how prevalent sugar is in everything we eat. From peanut butter to tomato sauce to ketchup to bread….sugar is in everything. Here are the things that I’ve been consuming on a daily basis that do have sugar in them:

  • Aldi’s whole grain gluten-free bread (they have a little sugar in it, I believe)
  • JIF natural peanut butter (also, a little sugar)
  • An apple a day
  • blueberries
  • Plain Greek yogurt (even plain has 6 grams of sugar in it)
  • Shakeology (from Stevia- low sugar, certified low glycemic)
  • Kind granola (also natural, low glycemic)
  • CLIF bars, for pre-workout & when I’m on-the-go


While I’m not going sugar-free right now, I’ve paired all of these items with protein to keep me full and do my best to prevent a sugar spike.


After last week’s episode, I have cut out: 

  • Alcohol (I wasn’t drinking it anyway)
  • Any candy (chocolate, etc.)
  • Pre-flavored Greek yogurts
  • Cereal
  • Honey (because it spiked my sugar level so much last week)
  • Agave syrup- high sugar count, although it’s natural
  • Ice cream

Truthfully, I’m sticking more to the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan than I have in the past, which is better for me, anyway.

I’ve noticed that I crave sugar during this week of transition, which is insane to me. I think we are all hooked to sugar more than we may realize.


I plan to keep you posted as I continue this nutrition plan and keep that sugar to a minimum!

The search for better health continues……

In peace & health,

Amanda & the Fit Family

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