My Post-Coach Summit Reflections, July 2015

It’s been almost a week since I returned from Beachbody’s Coach Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. While it’s been my third Coach Summit, I am happy to share that this was the first year that several of my new coaches joined me (including my husband)!


The weather was hot. The amount of coaches were huge. And the week….was nothing short of unforgettable.

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Over the past year I’ve been digging more deeply into what my true passion is and why I am so compelled to coach others. Honestly, when I signed up as a coach I lacked direction. I lacked faith in the business, and I lacked faith in myself.


I kept digging and praying and staying positive and walking in faith….and then I went to Coach Summit 2015.


My favorite part of Coach Summit was watching a fire light under my newest coaches. They were filled with energy and ideas and inspiration. On top of that, they bonded together and became true friends. I didn’t need to be there to lead conversation- as a matter of fact, I could barely keep up with them! HA! (I’m definitely an old spirit.)

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My challengers are my “jolt of energy” in the morning: they are full of energy and promise and potential for an incredibly transformed life.

But it’s my coaches that get me out of bed in the morning and motivate me to work harder, every day.


Now, why am I telling you this?

Because as I reflect on the incredible experience that was Coach Summit 2015….I’ve realized my passion. It struck me hard and fast and almost knocked me off of my feet.


My passion in life is to lead and empower others.

It’s the common denominator in all of my jobs and hobbies. Whether it’s leading a congregation in music or leading others in a workout or leading others to realize how incredible they are….I love to lead. Even my passion for languages stems from empowering others to engage in conversation, even when a barrier like language exists between us.


Do you have any idea how liberating this is?! It’s like I found the puzzle piece that was missing to link all of my connecting interests together. I feel relieved and excited and ready to accept my leadership destiny even more so now than ever.

I would have never realized this bigger picture had I not pressed “become a coach” on that January night in 2013. I didn’t know why I did it, but boy, I’m glad that I did. I urge you: if you’ve ever considered becoming a coach and empowering others, for whatever reason that may be, act upon it. You absolutely never know why you feel that urge, and where it can lead you next.


In peace & health,

Amanda & the fit family

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