What to do before you quit

The past few weeks have been very difficult for me, as a leader and as a person.

I’ve had several people quit their goals, quit their growth, and just decide to take a different path in life.


I’ve been giving the idea of quitting a lot of thought lately. I’ve asked myself: what makes people quit? What is the defining moment that gives them such impetus to make an equally big decision as to take the path they were on?


Sometimes I’ve considered quitting being a coach. Leading others, especially those who don’t want to grow, deep down, is crazy difficult. It’s part of the ups and downs of coaching, I know, but sometimes I doubt my abilities because of others’ self-doubts.

I thought, “would it matter if I did this? Why don’t I just quit?”

But then I think about not continuing on my growth plan (in all areas of my life, really).

I think about not fostering the friendships I’ve made in my life, creating new ones in the process.

I think about abandoning all of the work I’ve done so far.


I then realized…that I can’t imagine not having that in my life anymore. Coaching is a part of me.

Leadership is a part of who I am, and positivity is something that I exude.

I can only lead and do my best to influence positivity into other people’s lives. the rest will follow.


I urge you, before you quit something, ask yourself: “how will I feel, 6 months from now, with this decision?” “Do I want to give up because it’s hard or because it compromises my values?” If it’s the latter, consider quitting. Stay true to YOU and your values.

But if you want to quit because something’s difficult…..read onward.

What’s been holding me back in my life is this roadblock in front of my goals. Feeling “stuck” (i.e. the feeling that makes a lot of people want to quit) typically means you’re on the verge of something huge. You’re challenging an old negative habit that used to hold you back, and your inner self is giving you resistance. “Hey!” it’s saying, “you’re doing something different. You’ve been doing your old habits for years. Don’t change! Don’t do anything different!” But when your actions develop into habits, they become a part of you and your identity. You shed the habits that help you back, but not without growing pains. That is the moment in which you want to quit. 


Why do I tell you this?

Because nothing incredible that’s ever been created has been done without tons of unseen, unnoticed growth and effort. Every big thing in your life has made its way there because of intentional growth, personal sacrifice and a determination to reach your goal.

But you must have a vision, and you must put your seatbelt on for when the road gets bumpy (because it really will). A bumpy road does not mean you eject yourself from the car.

It just makes the destination more sweet.



To my challengers, my coaches, and all of the people I work with on a daily basis:

I will never quit on you.

I will never quit on your health goals, even when you quit on yourself.

Because I know the journey is tough, but you deserve the destination.





In peace & health,

Amanda & the fit family

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