My Second Experience with the 3-Day Refresh

After struggling to feel like myself again post-holidays, I decided to do the 3-Day Refresh for the second time in twelve months.


What is the 3-Day Refresh?

The 3-Day Refresh is a 3-day detox that gently gets rid of the toxins we build up in our body. I had a fairly good experience with it over the summer, and decided to give it another try. (psst- you can read my original review here!)

The Refresh allows you to eat fruits, vegetables and healthy fats throughout the day while also providing a fiber supplement drink and high-protein shakes that curb your hunger for the 3 days.

My symptoms were less intense than they were when I first reviewed the Refresh. I struggled with gas the first time around, and this time it wasn’t an issue at all. I craved something crunchy (I eyed up the gluten-free pretzels for sure!) but overall, it just seemed easier. I had a bit of a headache at the end of day 2, but otherwise, I think my body has less toxins built-up than it did in July. It was my first detox, after all. It’s comforting to know that, even in the midst of too many cheat meals (and too many Swedish Fish- my nemesis!),  my body is still in good shape, inside and out. This detox is a good way to maintain that.

While I was hungry here and there throughout the 3 days, what surprised me the most was this new dinner recipe I made. Paired with the vanilla fresh protein shake, I got to make this IMMENSE amount of veggies! I put my hand in the picture to show you how large the portion was of vegetables.


veggie photo 3 day refresh_2-5-15


As I write this review, I am happily enjoying my regular eating routine once more, 1-day post-Refresh. I’m excited to have all of my favorite foods back! But here’s what I really noticed the second time around….

My post-Refresh breakfast

My post-Refresh breakfast

While I was excited to get back to my eating routine, I didn’t immediately crave junk food. I craved this! On top of that, I noticed how much the taste of my foods popped. My blueberries tasted as sweet as a bag of Skittles (although it was much healthier)! I feel light, my mind feels clear and focused, and I’m ready to take on the day and make better choices. And on top of that, I lost 2 inches off of my body and lost about 4 pounds in 3 days. Not bad at all!


I love the 3-Day Refresh and plan to order it again as I get closer to my wedding day! I don’t think I’ll ever do another type of detox other than this one. 🙂

Want to give it a try yourself? Contact me and I can help get you set up with one, too!


In peace and health,

Amanda & The Fit Family

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