I Failed at Insanity: Max 30

Whomp whomp. This is a blog entry I didn’t want to write, but I felt it was important to do so.


I failed at Insanity: Max 30. I didn’t finish the workout calendar for Month 2. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even make it through week 1 of month 2. I got sidetracked for many reasons:

  1. I was voraciously hungry. I followed the nutrition guidelines, even in the midst of the crazy Christmas stress, and I felt out of control hungry. My body was running too efficiently!
  2. I was gaining weight. I am the first person to preach that the number on the scale does not define your success, but because I was grabbing everything in sight on some days just to eat enough (yes, I know, I should have planned better- life happens), I was not eating 100% healthy. Combined with the intense jump training/plyometric moves in Insanity, my legs were increasing in size. I struggled to get into my work clothes, and I was killing myself to get the workouts done! It was a serious let-down to see I lost no inches and gained weight after 30 days.
  3. I got PiYo certified at the same time as month 2 began for IM:30. I had an interview to start teaching PiYo, which had me practicing my routines and getting an excellent workout in every day. I also didn’t want to be sore from Insanity for my PiYo interview- PiYo was getting me sore enough as it is!
  4. I didn’t like doing intense cardio every day. I like cross-training and lifting weights, and the intensity of IM:30 just wasn’t for me every day.


Here are the things I’ve learned from Insanity: Max 30:

  1. This program is challenging in more ways than one. It’s a mental test more than a physical one, at times. It taught me more self-discipline with my workouts and pushing past my old boundaries.
  2. I don’t really think a cardio-heavy workout program is for everyone. Now, some people might disagree with me, but I’m just not a believer in 99% cardio.
  3. I learned to listen to my body! It didn’t like 5 days/week of Insanity.
  4. Insanity: Max 30 is a really good program for cardio. (Wait- didn’t she just say she quit?!) Really, though! It gave me an incredible cardio workout in 30 minutes, and I will continue to do some of the workouts on the days that I want a great cardio routine. I just don’t want it every day.

Here’s a video where I go into more detail about the process:



Am I disappointed in myself? A little bit. But I really did try, and I’m proud of the little victories I had along the way. I’ll just keep trying new things and moving onward & upward. It’s what has gotten me and my team this far!

in peace and health,

Amanda & the Fit Family

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