What IS PiYO?

So this weekend I shared that I became a certified PiYO instructor, but a lot of people reached out to me and said, “what is ‘PiYO?”

I thought, “what better reason to explain it on my blog?!”


PiYO is a Pilates and Yoga-inspired workout that has been offered in gyms across the US for about ten years now. However, Beachbody released a home workout format in 2014. I was lucky enough to get one of the first copies on release day!

The lucky new PiYO owner!

The lucky new PiYO owner!


The program uses a person’s body weight to sculpt and build muscle without any other equipment (except a yoga mat to stand on, which is still optional)! Each workout features low-impact moves, which is perfect for someone recovering from a sports injury, etc. While the program is low-impact, it still packs a huge cardio punch and gets your heart rate high. At a few points, my heart rate monitor told me that my heart was beating as fast as when I do an Insanity workout!


Yoga Mat Pic


Some of the moves are taken from the yoga repertoire (ie. Sun Salutation, the “Warrior” poses, etc.) but each move flows into the next, with little to no time for stagnant holding of poses. It targets almost all muscle groups in your body and uses uptempo music to keep the good vibes going!



To be honest with you, I wasn’t sold completely on PiYO for awhile, but after doing Insanity: Max 30 (which I’ll post about soon), this is a challenge that my body has been responding really positively to now.


For more information on PiYO (and free coaching from me!), contact me here and let’s get to work!

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