“Is this what growing feels like?”

It was Friday evening, and I couldn’t fall asleep.

I had put lavender oils on my feet, which always make me drift off to a deep slumber…but it wasn’t effective.

My heart was beating so hard, I could feel it outside of my chest. My stomach was in knots.


As I shifted from one side of my body to the next, I asked myself, “Is this what growth feels like?”


I was attending a PiYO certification class the following day, and I was incredibly nervous. It was unlike anything I had done before, and I knew no one attending the class. I felt as if I was going to my first day of high school all over again.


But my goals for 2015 are too big for me to stay within my realm of comfort. And so I went, and I’m so glad that I did! While the idea of leading others in a fitness class makes me feel uneasy, I definitely feel equipped to take on the challenge.


And so I challenge you to take something on that scares the bejeezus out of you this month. Maybe it’s attending a group fitness class. Maybe it’s finally responding to that invitation to join a private accountability group for your health. Heck, maybe it’s walking up to a fellow co-worker and thanking them for the positivity they put into your life. Whatever it is, you need to make yourself uncomfortable this year. Because this year’s out-of-comfort zone will become your comfort zone. Personal growth comes less and less easy as we get older, and you need to take responsibility to continue that growth!

I’m not perfect, and I’m right there with you- doing new things, big things, still scare me. But once you dive into a pool of new experiences, the water feels great. 🙂 You’ll be so glad you did.


Here is a picture of our graduating class, the newest group of PIYO instructors coming to a gym near you!


Our PiYO graduating class!

Our PiYO graduating class!


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