Building a Legacy, Changing your Path: My experiences at the #girlbossretreat

Almost three weeks ago, I was sitting on a plane, preparing to attend a leadership event in Florida. It was a coveted spot that I earned through the work I’ve invested into my business as a Beachbody coach over the past year. It was a weekend of mentoring, encouragement, professional development, vision, and heart. Even weeks later, I am still wrapping my head around it.

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This retreat, these 15 girls, are the closest I’ve ever gotten to a sorority (and the closest I’ll ever get). I’ve never been a part of a large “sisterhood” because I was never a fan of sororities in college, but these ladies rectified my opinion. Over the course of the weekend, we shared our stories, our deep-seeded story that is our “why”. Our driving force for major change in our lives. These are the stories we don’t tell people about, but are the deepest reasons we do what we do.

Mine involved my future children and the health of my family. That is why I’m working so hard to create a legacy for our team. That is my deep-seeded “why”.

Sharing these stories broke down any barriers that existed. Everyone has struggles and setbacks in their past. But what I’ve that what you do with those struggles defines your future. So many people allow the weight of their past to limit their future and stop dreaming in new directions. But these women reminded me of what can happen when you go boldly towards the direction of your dreams.


The journey I’m on is much larger than I imagined I would take. Sometimes I think my college friends look at me and think, “who is this person? I barely recognize her.”


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The truth is…it’s true! I’m not the person I used to be. I’m someone who is much, much stronger. I’ve shed a lot of my demons, and I’ve learned to love myself.

Learning from such bright, entrepreneurial women who seek only to build others up (and never tear down) changed my perspective. We are all working towards a purpose and abandoning the limits that we put on ourselves to get there.


One of my objectives is to offer this business opportunity for women who want to build something for themselves, their spouses, their children, and their future, in their spare time. I want to help people realize that it’s okay to try something completely new, and it’s okay to go full force in that new direction. In many cases, the only person judging you and holding you back…is yourself.


We really were made to shine.

Our potential is vastly larger than the small thumbnail we see in front of us.

But we need to trust the bigger picture, and trust the journey.

And that is what I want to bring to our team, the Fit Family.

I can’t wait for next year’s retreat! In the meantime, I’ve got some big dreams to build….


In peace and health,


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