Busting that cold: Healthy helpers to get better soon

I have suffered from a cold for the past nine days. Since I had to stop drinking my Shakeology as a preventative measure for a medical procedure I had done last week, my immune system was not as ironclad as it would typically be. As a result, I fell prey to the cold’s attacks. Its chokehold has not lost its grip ever since.

Yesterday was the absolute worst. After a hectic weekend of nonstop work, my body couldn’t handle fighting the cold as it could before, and I felt quite miserable. However, I needed to put a stop to it. I leave this Thursday for a leadership retreat in sunny Florida, and I would not let it prevent me from enjoying it to the fullest!

I did some research and decided to hit my cold with a barrage of natural remedies. It’s been less than 24 hours and I can feel my cold on its way out. Woohoo!!

Here is what I have done thus far:

1) Turmeric milk. I simmered 2 cups milk with 1 tsp ground turmeric and 1 tsp ginger (and a splash of black pepper) for 5-6 minutes, letting it sit for an additional 10 minutes. I strained the milk and drank it warm. I had some last night and this morning. Turmeric really seems to be mighty and forceful in terms of natural healing capabilities!

2) Gaia Herbs’s “Rapid Relief Quick Defense” capsules. I found these on sale at Whole Foods and decided to give them a try: they contain more ginger (woohoo!), echinacea and elderberry fruit juice, all designated to help the body’s immune system greatly.

3) Yogi Tea’s “Breathe Deep” tea. Made with licorice and mint, the tea isn’t my favorite flavor, but promises to help the respiratory system nonetheless.

4) Shakeology. Plain and simple, it is still the best bang for my buck. It is full of so many superfoods, I couldn’t even afford to try and duplicate it by buying every item individually.

5) Lots of water. I’m keeping my Nalgene handy and trying to drink a 32-ounce bottle every 2 hours!

6) I’m following a 3-day eating plan that gives me lots of protein and vegetables to a) keep nourishing my body and b) drastically reduces the amount of sugar intake, thus giving my body more of a chance to fight this sickness.

7) Raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. I drink it in my tea, and I swear by this alone!

8) Rest. This one seems to be the hardest for me since I like to be on-the-go, but it is one of the most crucial.

Does this sound like a lot?Yes, because it probably is! But all of these things combined are still cheaper than a trip to Urgent Care and a pharmacy trip. They are better for me, too. Am I someone who lives 100% holistically? Nope. But I’m all about trying something new. And so far, I’m enjoying the results.

My recommendation? Try at least a few of these the next time you get sick. You never know how much better you will feel!

For more information on what I’ve discussed, check out:

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Gaia Herbs: http://www.gaiaherbs.com

Yogi Tea: http://www.yogiproducts.com

Shakeology: http://www.shakeology.com/amandaplazek

Apple Cider Vinegar: http://touch.organicauthority.com/organicauthority/#!/entry/how-to-use-apple-cider-vinegar-to-prevent-and-treat,52c9117a025312186cb040a4

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