Happy 2 Year Anniversary: Who I Am, What I Do, Why I Do

Today marks 2 years since I began Gluten Free Advocate. It’s pretty incredible, looking back at what has been accomplished and what I have left to learn.

My first post explained my gluten intolerance due to mono in college, which led me to eating gluten-free. However, “gluten-free” didn’t mean healthy. I would grab two chicken Lean Cuisines (yes, one kind was gluten-free), microwave them and combine them together. Voila! A healthy lunch?


Not so much.

I started, two years ago, with no idea how to eat healthy. But I thought, “everyone has to start learning somewhere.” So I started to try new things:

-I would eat quinoa flakes instead of cereal.

-Nuts were a pretty good snack on their own.

-Where have chickpeas been all of my life?

-Pre-made, microwavable foods really aren’t that good for you, huh….

-Fruits are delicious.

-Shakeology is THE bomb.

-What is this newfound energy that I have?….

-I guess that 5k wasn’t so bad!

-So if I stop eating so much candy, I don’t get a drop of sugar levels throughout my day….interesting.

-Kale chips are pretty great.

-I guess that 10k wasn’t so bad!

-The amount of brown rice I eat is insane. I suppose I should start to monitor how much I eat….

-The 21 Day Fix taught me so much about eating healthy. America needs to do this program.

-I eat how many vegetables per day?!

-I fit into my fall clothes. Victory.

-I get to help other people learn all of these things too?!



…and much more. It’s been an enlightening 2 years of learning. I cannot wait to see how the fit family grows and changes their health for good! It’s all about lengthening and strengthening lives, people. 🙂


In peace and health- xo

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