How to Enjoy the Holidays Guilt-Free (and still eat what you want)

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I don’t feel bad about eating whatever I want on Thanksgiving. Or drinking one glass of wine at dinner (and by one, I mean three, depending upon the awkwardness of conversation). Or falling asleep in a tryptophan haze afterwards.



Because I know the way to enjoy the holidays guilt-free.


Yes, readers, it is officially November, which means us Americans are blessed with Thanksgiving, my ultimate favorite holiday, this month. Thanksgiving is the best: there is no expectation of gift-giving, minimal commercialization…just food, drink, family, and warmth all around.

But for those who seek to live healthy lives every day, Thanksgiving and Christmas can be difficult. We strive to eat healthy, and the green bean casserole piled onto your plate does not count as a clean eating vegetable. And that’s ok!


Here’s how I enjoy the holidays guilt-free:

1. I start working on my healthy eating today. I don’t wait! I start eating enough vegetables, protein, and fruits in my day. I start trimming the fat now, literally and figuratively. Ha ha.


2. I create a plan of action. When can I exercise during the day? Do I need to plan my meals/snacks so I have enough healthy food? How can I keep my metabolism running like a clean engine now to counteract the enjoyment of Thanksgiving Day?


3. I schedule my workouts in my planner like they are meetings, and since I would never cancel on my boss, I try my hardest not to cancel on myself.


4. Work out on Thanksgiving morning. This will get your metabolism going before the big chow fest!


5. Drink enough water. Always. Seriously. Drinking water in the morning when you wake up jump starts your metabolism. Just stop reading and grab a glass of water, because, odds are, you haven’t drank enough yet.


6. I keep myself accountable. Telling someone close to you of your goals to eat healthy through the month of November will publicly declare your goals and give someone you love the chance to keep you accountable to that goal, sister.


I have a healthy eating challenge starting next week for this specific purpose! It’ll be Thanksgiving-themed and will give you accountability, tips, motivation and a small group of people who just want to see you succeed. It’s online and it’s free. Apply for my free healthy eating challenge group here. You won’t regret it! 



And lastly….

7. Enjoy the holiday. Life’s no fun if you follow the rules all of the time.



In peace and health,



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