Big changes, new direction, exciting futures.

After an all-intensive week of trial, error, and a few exasperated sighs, I am proud to reveal my new website!! Ahh! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. While I still have a few tweaks to go, I am so excited to get back to what I love to do: share as much value as I can with my readers, followers, challengers, and fitness family.

And yes! I’m proud to announce that our official team name is The Fit Family. As I reflected back on what I liked most about being a coach, the constant positivity and sense of acceptance continued to return to my mind. Ever since our team of coaches began to assemble, I’ve noticed a drastic change with whom I associate: they are only encouraging, challenging to push my boundaries to become a better leader and person. They never try to tear me down or view me as negative competition. Everyone is accepted into the group, no matter where they are in their health journey. Isn’t that amazing? How different would the world be if everything was like that? 🙂

the fit family (1)

The next 12 months are going to ROCK this team to the core, and I am excited to see whose lives will be changed in the process.



So thank you for your cooperation as I transitioned over to the new website! Back to our regularly scheduled program. 🙂

In peace and health- xo

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