14-Day Healthy Eating Challenge

It’s been an interesting journey over the past two years! I’ve been blessed to learn a lot about how much (and what) we should be eating, and my journey’s only just begun. The blessing of healthy eating (the buzz phrase is “clean eating”) is that we get to eat a lot more than people think! As a matter of fact, sometimes I don’t get all of the food in.

But the healthy eating plan that I follow isn’t controversial enough. It’s not exotic. It’s quite simple, actually. And today, I want to invite any of my readers to join my upcoming free 14-day healthy eating challenge!

now accepting new members

In 14 days, I will:

…give you grocery lists that keep you on track

…how to effectively buy groceries (and save money doing it)

…provide a bevy of recipes that are simple, healthy and delicious

…teach you how to eliminate the “fluff” of your eating that holds you back from seeing the results you want!

Oh, and it’s free!

For more information, email me at glutenfreeadvocate@gmail.com or apply for the 14-day challenge by clicking here. 

I look forward to helping anyone who steps up to the plate!

In peace and health- xo