Running the Race: my 10k Struggles

Last week I ran in a 10k in our area, which I ran last year as well. Our pace was considerably faster- almost an entire minute per mile faster! But it wasn’t as easy of a race as I had hoped it would be. I suffered from lack of carbs, becoming fatigued as early as mile 4. The sun did not help (as it was unseasonably warm that morning), and combined with the difficulty in mile 5, I didn’t fare as well as I had hoped. I was whiny. I needed the fianc√© to hold my hand at different points at the end. I wasn’t a warrior.


On top of that, I played the dreaded “comparison game”, comparing our time to those of much more seasoned runners. (As a matter of fact, I did the same thing last year!)

comparison is the thief of joy


I let comparison take away the joy of the event, and that is something I wish I could do better.


I spoke to one of my best friends about this (who is an incredibly seasoned half-marathon runner) and she replied, “oh, you compared your pace to other runners. You can’t do that. I learned a long time ago that you can’t compare your pace to others.”



Isn’t that what we do in life? If we have a miserable journey while working towards a huge goal, don’t we make ourselves feel crappy about it? If we don’t finish a goal within the efficiency or time frame we had hopes, do we discredit the accomplishment? I tend to, which makes this something I need to work on. Plus I need to eat more carbs before a race. Haha!


And so I am trying to learn a large lesson, and you might struggle with it too. Don’t play the comparison game, in whatever you do! Everyone works at different paces and struggles through their own demons. Keep comparison away with a ten foot pole, and keep your blinders on. Avoid the shiny objects that distract you from your goals, and keep slowly working towards them. Accept the journey. Forgive the mistakes. Keep moving forward.


In peace and health- xo

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