Happy Anniversary to ME!

It was on October 1, 2012, that I decided to create my “day 1”. I remember thinking, “everyone who is fit and in shape all had their ‘Day 1’. Today is going to be mine.”

I went to the gym and decided to make a goal of running one mile by Christmas. In the span of a month, I ran two without stopping. I crushed my goal and ran 3.1 miles two days before Christmas and haven’t looked back since.

Since that wonderful October day, I have taken a new path in life.

I opened my own business and help women all across the country learn how to eat better and set long-term goals for their health.

I work every morning to make an impact in their lives.

I still exercise regularly (and plan to start P90X3 today!).

I am terrified to announce that the fiancé and I will be training for the half marathon, which is two weeks before our wedding (did I just post that??).

I still love potato chips just as much as I did when I started two years ago.

I have mustered up the courage to get my braces on, have double jaw surgery, come through it with flying colors (thanks, Shakeology!), and have an awesome smile to prove it.

I am planning a wedding to this guy I love. I think he’s pretty cool.

I get to dream again. I get to envision where our future house will be, and actually know how we will pay for it.

I am blessed with a clear-cut vision for my team of coaches who want to create a legacy by helping to end the trend of obesity in the United States.

And it was all because I wanted to run one mile.

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  1. Love this, Amanda 🙂 Happy Anniversary!

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