Outgrowing your fears, growing the journey: Tips for a fearless future

As a Beachbody coach for the past 18 months, I have learned a lot about myself. First off, I was afraid of dreaming anything new into the future of my life. I secretly hated when someone said, “dream big! Reach for the moon, and you’ll land among the stars!” It was probably from the cynical part of my past which I’ve worked to grow away from, but dreaming wasn’t something I really did much of anymore. I walked through life, being grateful for the things that popped up in my path…but didn’t know what I could do next. I was scared of dreaming what would come next.


But boy, I am glad that I decided to carve a new path for my future. I decided to try something new! Do something I have never done before in order to see where it leads me. I felt a bit like a faker at times, as if I didn’t belong where I was headed, but then something funny happened. I developed the faith that this was where I was supposed to be in my life. I strengthened the confidence in my actions. I decided to lock in my goals and stop wavering around.


And then I went to our coach conference this June. Our coach motto was “Never Give Up”, and we had the opportunity to write whatever we wanted on the main “wall” during the conference.




I wrote my favorite quote.


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I felt arrogant for assuming that I would be a future diamond and elite coach, but I wanted to write it publicly. I wanted to declare my goals for the future and be unafraid of the journey.


And guess what happened? Less than 3 months later, I earned the first publicly declared goal: I reached being a diamond coach, the goal I’ve set in front of myself since I became a coach. It seemed so unattainable before. But I put my trust in taking the leap towards the new path I set out for myself:

  • I started to wake up 90 minutes earlier to get work done for my team.
  • I am now blogging more consistently to talk to you, my fellow readers, in hopes that I inspire you to do whatever you are called to do.
  • I lead evening leadership calls and trainings to help duplicate the process as much as possible.
  • I read personal development and continue to work on myself as a person, inside and out.
  • I talk to God as I drive, as I do the dishes, as I go to sleep. I tell him that I am following the will He gave me. (If you aren’t a spiritual person, you can skip this step, although I highly recommend it)



All I did was let my faith be bigger than the fears I’ve created for myself. I challenge you to take that leap and go after something you’ve been scared to dream of. You are more powerful than you think.

“Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.”





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