My 10k Training Essentials

As I dive deeper into the running world, I have items that I use every. single. run…and I realized that it might help other people to share what works for me!


1) the right running shoes. I go to a local, specialty running store every 9 months or so to get a new pair. It’s a pain to pay full price (about $100) for running shoes, but it’s a necessity. It’s non-negotiable for your joints and future running!


2) the right clothes. So lately I’ve become a bit of a Lululemon addict, but in all honesty, most of my workout clothes come from the following:

Socks (yes, I wear specific ones for these): I run the risk of my heel rubbing, so I have about 8 pairs of Champion Athletic Socks that have a raised heel. Plus they are really comfy and supportive. Here they are on the Target website. 

Running leggings: Old Navy Active

Capris/compression capris: Old Navy Active

Running shorts: Target Champion brand (lined) 

Long sleeved shirts with thumbholes: Lululemon; a track jacket from Marshall’s

Short-sleeved shirts: Just good ol’ t-shirts. My favorites are Penn State shirts and the like.

Tank tops/racerback tops: I have two from Nike that are DriFit and they are THE best to run in. They don’t ride up and are long enough for my long torso. Other options: Old Navy; Target Champion brand

Sports bras: The jury’s out on this one. It depends on who you are, but honestly, my new favorites these days are from Victoria’s Secret Sports brand (I wait for coupons and sales on this one). Runners up are the Target Champion brand.


3) A hat. I hate squinting when it gets sunny outside during a run. I always wear a hat!

4) My iPod nano. The newest Nano has Nike built into it, which can track your walking (as a pedometer) or running distances. I put my playlist on and hit a mental cruise control, not concerning myself with how far I’ve gone so far. The iPod tells me. (It does need calibrated at first, though.)


5) The right headphones. When I first started to work out, I used a run-of-the-mill pair of headphones and boy, they were silly! They constantly fell out of my ears. So I invested in a pair of over-the-ear Sennheiser/Adidas headphones. They are the best. They are water-resistant (ie….sweat) and comes with an extender to make your headphone wire short or long (so it doesn’t bounce all over the place if you don’t want it to!). It also has a securing clip and volume control on the wire too, which is super convenient. I’ve been using them religiously for almost 18 months now and they show no signs of wear. Check these out at Amazon- they are worth the money. 


6) The right mindset. All of the best gear in the world won’t get you across that finish line. Commit to a race, a mileage goal, whatever you like, and get the heck out there! That’s what I’m about to do. I have a 10k to run! 🙂


In peace and health- xo


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