Product Review: NatureBox

Monthly subscription boxes have become incredibly popular within the past few years. From makeup samples to dog treats to even a bride-to-be monthly subscription box, these monthly treats seem to be all the rage lately.

About a year ago, I decided to try NatureBox because of its healthy and gluten-conscious items. I have tried essentially everything gluten-free that they offer: plaintain chips, sweet potato sticks, cranberry almond bites, mango fruit chews (SO good) and even dried figs. Everything is delicious! A personal favorite of mine are the blueberry nom noms. They are oversized bites of oatmeal, cinnamon, and blueberries. They tide me over and satisfy my sweet tooth to no blissful end.

My #1 snack from the company is their dehydrated pineapple rings. They are incredibly flavorful, add just enough texture and chew for me to rip off a piece and savor that bite until I hungrily rip off another piece. Plus the ingredients are simple on the back: “Ingredients: Dried Pineapple.” No added anything!
I’m telling you, if you’re a pineapple fan, you need to try these pineapple rings.


But what sticks out to me about NatureBox is its customer service. I have called several times for different issues (delaying the boxes during my jaw surgery, etc.) and they are always kind, understanding, and ready to solve my problem, on my terms. I recently went to cancel my subscription because $20/month is a little bit too much for me right now, and the customer service woman said, “If I were to give you 2 months’ worth of boxes at half price, would you be willing to stay with us for at least 2 months longer?” I agreed, immediately looking forward to my pineapple rings’ arrival.

Not only did the box arrive with my favorite sweet treats (chosen by me on the website), but a bonus pineapple coconut bar was added as well. Score!

Some of my most recent haul

Some of my most recent haul

On top of that, I recently found out that for every box that is purchased, NatureBox donates one meal through Feeding America, a non-profit organization fighting hunger in America. In short, NatureBox’s customer service is supreme, their integrity is wholesome, and their snacks are spot-on delicious and as minimally processed as possible. My only drawbacks are the delay in shipping (I want my pineapple rings, people!) and the consistent cost of $20/month. However, I am reminded at how much the $20/month is worth it, considering what I used to spend that money on (Panera; Starbucks; etc.).

If you’ve ever considered NatureBox a try, I highly recommend it. Check out my personal link to get your first box 50% off at $10 (including shipping)! 



Thanks for reading! In peace and health- xo