My Love for Agave Nectar

One of the things I’ve tried to reduce in my life is the amount of sugar and high-glycemic foods I eat on a daily basis. I  have found that even eating pancakes for breakfast (without any other source of protein) makes my sugar skyrocket so much that I become shaky by the course of lunchtime.


For that reason, the amount of sugars I eat are most likely minimal compared to other people, which is fine with me! One of my recent discoveries is agave nectar. I probably would have laughed a little bit if my past self told my present self that I would “prefer agave nectar”, as it sounds pretentious, but it really is not!


Agave nectar (ah-GAH-veh) is a natural sweetener from the agave plant, which frequently come from Mexico and South Africa. It is known for its highly sweet taste, similar to honey, except agave has a lesser thickness consistency than the latter does. While agave nectar is lower on the glycemic index than many sweeteners, it is high in fructose and still is extremely sweet.


Agave is something I’ve learned to enjoy instead of other sweeteners- it is mightily sweet, and I can use a simple drip to make my gluten-free toast delicious. I still love honey, but I love the low glycemic level of Agave. It is not without fault, though- just because it is low glycemic does not mean it is low in fructose content!


With that being said…do you like Agave? Have you ever tried it? Is this the most times you’ve ever read the word “agave” in one sitting? 🙂

In peace and health- xo!


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agave nectar