A Day in the Life: What I eat 24/7

A lot of people ask me, “what do you eat every day?”

I am going to share, my dear readers, a snapshot of what I eat in a day! I must warn you of a few things:

a) It has taken me 2 years to integrate all of these whole foods into my eating habits. When I started out, I thought eating gluten-free pasta every day was healthy! nope. White rice flour really isn’t that healthy at all!


b) I eat. all. the. time. I bring my little lunch box to class (with my backpack. I’m in my twenties. I look like I’m twelve.). I eat grapes while I drive. I eat spinach in the hallway. I drink Shakeology during class. I make it a priority to never go 2-3 hours without food.


c) I eat bad food too! My weaknesses? Gluten-free pizza, a Hershey bar, and Lay’s potato chips. I crave those constantly, and I let myself have them quite often too. But do I eat an entire Hershey’s bar in one sitting? no. I allow myself these things, and I don’t deprive myself. Because when I do, I end up eating much more than I should of the bad stuff. (It’s all about balance, people!)

d) I feel absolutely incredible, and now I crave these things more than the processed stuff. But it’s a growing game, too- we were probably raised on a lot more processed food than we’d like to admit, and so adapting off of these foods is critical to our health.


Ready? ok! Here we go!


A Day in the Life 


7/8am: 2 eggs, scrambled; 1 cup black coffee; ½ cup oatmeal with a little bit of agave nectar or honey


work out, 30 minutes


post-workout (10 am?): 1 scoop shakeology, blended with milk, ice, and a banana


12 noon/1 pm: Lunch! ½ cup chicken, oven roasted @ home; 1 cup raw spinach, 1 cup steamed kale


3 pm: snack! Some peanuts, walnuts, etc.


5/6 pm: dinner! A portion of hummus (made from home); a handful of roasted asparagus; ½ cup cooked quinoa (or sweet potato); ½ cup chicken


7ish: snack! 1 apple, cut up, with 2 spoonfuls almond butter or peanut butter




What do you see from this list? I eat very simply. Chicken, greens, nuts, eggs, Shakeology. That’s pretty much it. Would this work for you? I don’t know! I learned  how to really eat this way from the 21 Day Fix this year, and I found what works best for me. 


My challenge? Try to incorporate 1 additional cup of veggies into your eating for the day. If you did, you’d be adding 7 cups of veggies per week into your eating habits. How awesome would that be? 🙂