“So this is what a detox feels like….”: Day 2 of the 3 Day Refresh

Warning: full disclosure and full honesty ahead!

Yesterday was day 2 of my 3-Day Refresh, and I cannot say it was the easiest of days. My cold got worse, and I felt “off” all day, which was probably partially from the detox and partially from the cold. (“Sudafed, sudafed, my kingdom for a sudafed!”)

I left my summer class early and fled home to sleep. After an hour’s nap (which was probably some of the finest sleep I’ve had in a long time, might I add), I felt like a miracle. My throat wasn’t sore anymore. My congestion was gone- I only had some nasal congestion left. It felt like heaven, and it felt like I had slept for a full night. woohoo!


On top of everything else, I haven’t had coffee since Sunday and I am feeling fine. (What??) I am also not feeling lethargic halfway through the day- woohooo!!



The detox, so far, has been challenging but “refreshing” in more ways than one: I have been afforded mental clarity, good and bad, during this detox process. I feel great about myself and the potential I have for my future: if I can journey through better health like this for two years, who is to stop me from helping even more people like myself to do the same?


Stay tuned for the Day 3 review and my final results tomorrow.  Here we go!

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