One month later….my incredible Jaw Surgery Progress!

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since my jaw surgery.  I have made some comparison images and they are amazing. I can’t wait to see how everything looks once the swelling is down!

Cheezin' it up on day 30!

Cheezin’ it up on day 30!

Here’s the progress, in pictures… jaw surgery progress

…and DAY 1 versus Day 30! My swelling is going down on the outer parts of my cheeks. jaw surgery progress 2 jaw surgery progress 3 jaw surgery progress 3

…and DAY 1 versus Day 30! My swelling is going down on the outer parts of my cheeks.



Other notes:

  • The upper part of my face is still puffy, despite what the pictures might show. My co-workers think I look even younger than I did before. Good grief.
  • Parts of my upper face are starting to get feeling again. The first day feels like I have sunburn and is slightly painful to the touch. The following day, that same part of my face feels pretty normal!
  • It’s really funny- my smile droops on one side because the muscles aren’t as active as the other side!
  • I’m starting to get more and more feeling at the base of my nose and upper lip. My bottom lip is almost back to normal.
  • I can definitely smile more easily, but my cheeks are still frozen, resulting in a puffy, dimpled smile.
  • I’m puffier as I wake up in the morning, but the swelling reduces to its normal level by mid-morning.
  • I can’t open too much yet, either, but that could also be from me being cautious. When I try to open my jaw, I get popping on my left side, making me freak out. I’ll ask the doctor about it.
  • The only pain I have are these goofy surgical hooks on my upper teeth. They are now at a diagonal to where they sit on my lip. As a result, they never cease to dig in and hurt. I’m running out of dental wax. Haha.
  • My next follow-up appointment is on Wednesday. Here’s hoping all goes well!


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  1. Love seeing the changes in your smile between weeks 2 and 4! Glad to see I’m not alone with the swelling impeding more of a smile at my stage. You’re looking incredible! Love seeing all of the subtle changes each week 🙂

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