My Weekend on Retreat

Sunday Morning Sunrise

Sunday Morning Sunrise

This weekend I was privileged enough to attend an all-expenses paid trip to a breathtaking cottage east of the city. We have spent the last 24-48 hours learning, team-building, and growing as a coach (and as a person).



It has been so important to remind myself that I have this potential to lead others and create a team of incredible people, when they are ready. It means financial freedom, accountability for healthier lives, quality friendships, and the potential to live on your own terms. How would it feel to live without an alarm clock?


lost all of my excuses.jpg



And with that, I move on into my life with a renewed sense of conviction. Where will my life take me because I am not afraid to fail? Where will life be in 5 years because I stopped making excuses? I can’t wait to see. 🙂

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