March 10th: Day 18th Post-Op

I have never been more grateful for wax than I am today.

I have been suffering from serious pain in my upper lip, which is good, since the feeling is coming back (woo hoo!). However, the surgical hooks dug into my upper lip immediately after surgery. Until my upper lip’s swelling is gone, the hooks are still painfully in my upper lip.

I’ve been rinsing with warm salt water to keep the germs at bay but the cuts are intensely painful when I try to sip on a bowl of soup or smile or try to do anything with my upper lip, since the cuts move as a result. I decided to use my dental wax on top of my upper surgical hooks. By covering the hooks, my upper lip is lifted above the hooks and on top of the soothing wax. HALLELUJAH, instant relief. “Why didn’t you do that before now?” my fianc√© asked me. “I don’t know!” I replied. Either way, I am so pleased and will continue to do this as my lip (hopefully) heals.

This week is my spring break week from graduate school, but I am still catching up with my school work. On top of that, I am still getting tired from going out and running a few light errands. I went to church yesterday and was so tired from the cold air and walking that I fell asleep when I got home! I am a work horse in real life, so this whole “lack-of-energy” thing isn’t working for me. Alas, I have to give my body the rest it needs to heal so I can keep ahead of the curve!

Lastly, I am getting a little sick of being puffy. Yes, I know, my swelling isn’t too bad, but I don’t look like myself. Three people walked up to me this weekend and didn’t recognize me- their words, not mine! Time + rest = healing, I know, I know…..

One thought on “March 10th: Day 18th Post-Op

  1. Yay to the return of sensation; Boo to the pain! Hang in there!! I can completely relate with the cold air frustration too…..

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