March 9: Day 17 post-op

The response to my “before” and “after” photos has been incredible! The site received a huge increase of traffic. Thank you to all who reached out and saw the pictures!

The past two days have been about the same, in terms of healing. I wake up in the morning and feel swollen and stiff in my face. I work on moving my facial muscles as much as I can. My dissolvable stitches are starting to fall out (most likely from the upper jaw/behind the upper lip, as the lip is going down in swelling), which freaks me out and encourages me at the same time. I know that they are well overdue to fall out, but it’s still frightening- eek!

As I mentioned, the swelling in my upper lip is starting to reduce. Every day I try to lift my upper lip gently to brush my teeth but it is still swollen and sore. I also try and pull an “Elvis” and lift my upper lip on one side, which hurts but helps. It seems like the warm saltwater rinse is helping as well (also keeping the germs at bay!).


I’m finding it difficult to let my body ease into my hectic life again. Things tire me out more than I want them to, and I need to accept that for a few weeks longer.

Have a great weekend!