Ready to see something amazing?: Day 14, post-op

Happy 2 week-iversary! Today I am thrilled to show you my incredible progress over the past two weeks. I had no bruising, minimal swelling, feeling in part of my lower lip (and now a little in my upper), and overall good healing. I 100% have to thank God, Shakeology, prayers, my team of caretakers, sleep, and good ol’ fashioned h2o.

*DISCLAIMER: I looked a little bit gnarly the first days of the surgery. I could have looked much worse, but I don’t necessarily look like myself.



Here goes!

My bite before and after surgery

My bite before and after surgery

I love my oral surgeon. He did such a good job with my bite. You can see the difference in both my lower and upper jaw.  Incidentally, the shape of my nose has changed slightly!

Swelling results!

Swelling results!

The dark marks are either acne (by mouth) or stitches from the surgery (closer to ear). My lips have gone down in swelling. I still have swelling in my chin and lip but both have come down substantially.

Very little swelling!

Very little swelling!

(fyi- this was taken yesterday on Ash Wednesday, hence the dark mark on my forehead)



Forced smile- puffy, but present!

….and after. Forced smile- puffy, but present!

It’s still not easy to smile (it’s a forced effort), but it’s there, deep down. Smiling emphasizes the puffy-ness but I’m pleased anyway. I can’t wait to see everything once the swelling goes down even more! Yay!

3 thoughts on “Ready to see something amazing?: Day 14, post-op

  1. Oh my goodness!! The change in your side profile is incredible:-D and amazing how you got away with so little swelling! Were you ever banded together?

    • Nope! I was never banded together through the process. I wore a “jaw bra” for 48 hours and overnight for 7 days but that’s it!

  2. so how much longer do you have your braces on for?

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